Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Mpumiro

Visit by Tom Ngobi on 2021-02-05

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2021-02-09 13:53:47 UTC
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10:40-18:20 (7 h 40 m)
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13:15-16:00 (2 h 45 m)
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To hold amvillage meeting about the program 
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Tom Ngobi 
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Tom made a,visit to Mpumiro village to hold a village meeting and discuss with the committee and village leaders about the progress of the sanitation and hygiene program and the way forward for the program. When he arrived in the village, he met when some of the committee members had gone to the mosque and right after they had left the mosque, they received news of a resident from the nearby village Nalubabwe who had passed away. Th chairman and three of the committee members suggested that the meeting be postponed and that he was going to separately hold a meeting with the committee members after they had finished the burial. He said he would call Tom later to explain how the meeting went and what was decided about. So after that Tom suggested to the chairman and the secretary of the village to make a short visit and follow up in some of the lower homes before they head out to nalubabye village. The chairman and the secretary agreed and they moved around starting from one of the section of the village from the chairman’s home towards buyoboya village. Along the way they saw homes still maintaining hand washing with their jericans kept clean and with water. Tom in some homes and the chairman encouraged the residents to embrace hand washing as a way for controlling diseases. In two other homes, they had recently finished their latrines and Tom encouraged them to roof the latrines so that they don’t collapse when heavy rains come. In one home, they found when the residents had constructed the structure of a latrine from using mud and had not roofed it. Tom encouraged the residents in the home to roof the structure so that it does not collapse during the rains. Tom cautioned the chairman and the secretary of the village to step up their involvement and sensitization of the village when it comes to maintaining and keeping the sanitation and hygiene standards. The chairman said he was going to use the meeting he was going to hold to echo that concern and call upon all village leaders on his committee to step up and improve the village as a whole. Most of the homes visited were those that had facilities yet to b finished and others needed improvements. 
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2021-02-12 - Purpose: Meet with the committee members and introduce the idea that kibo will be giving the village a borehole
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16467 One home in the village still maintaining hand washing
16470 The chairman and one of the committee members inspecting one of the pits being dug for a new house being constructed