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Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2021-02-05

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Health Education Lesson

Health Education 
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Irene went to kalitumba village to meet with the community leaders and a few members to discuss with them the way forward for the health education lessons in this village. The meeting started with a word of prayer led by Dina the VHT of the village, then a word from the chairman LC 1 , who thanked the members for successfully going through the new year and the election period. He also urged the members to put the elections in the past, forget the wrongs,forgive those who offended them and come back to unity for peace in their homes, neighborhoods,and the whole community at large. The chairman also thanked kibo for the continued support rendered to their village, sensitization,helping them work together as a community and he also said that the village is ready to receive them back since the political process is now phasing out and the members are now settled with their leaders as elected. The kibo group chairman representative was then welcomed, he began by thanking the members for the turn up whenever they are called upon, thanked them for successfully completing the last year and the elections, and also urged the members to come back and unite as members of the same community leaving the political process a side. He then welcomed the health education representative to take up the meeting. Irene thanked the chairman LC1 for allowing kibo group serve in their community and continued support, participation in the kibo programs. She also thanked the kibo group chairperson representative and the members for their turn up whenever they are called upon. Irene then addressed the issues to be discussed as outlined above and asked the members to help discuss them one by one and to get solutions to each of them so as to find the way forward for the kibo health education program in their village. Way forward for the kibo programs in kalitumba village was the first point to be discussed: The chairman LC1 informed Irene that Kalitumba village was open for the different programs to operate in their village because the elections are done and the members have settled back in their homes. He also said the programs in their village have helped them to unite and brought them up to be recognized by the district officials whom they thought had left them out so kibo presence in the village may bring back the unity and friendship that had been lost during the election period.and the members agreed to that. The group went further to discuss on how they can increase the turn up of different members for the health education lessons; Irene encouraged that this should be an open discussion for each member to bring in their contributions on how to bring the other members on board. Continued mobilization, said Dina and this should involve each member who knows about the kibo program in their village through informing the other community members about the good news on what they learn from the different programs in kibo as a motivation for them to come to the meetings. Continued home visits with the kibo staffs, said Nabirye because this shows an attachment to the community.members always what to listen to new ideas, and seeing new faces talk to them about their environment, encouraging them and making them feel one is apart of their daily struggles. Full involvement of the committee members said waiswa, because some members only hold tittles and once it comes to responsibilities they don’t take up their positions to mobilize the community members. A thank you tip to the members who continuously turn up for the meetings as a way of encouraging other members to come for the meeting. Also members should continue to make friends with those who never turn up for meetings and encourage them to come check out what they have been missing. The members also suggested that the government official should fully be involved and if possible in all meetings so as to speak up their other community problems. The meeting was so interactive and the members informed Irene that they were waiting and promised to turn up with the other new members for the next meeting. Irene then talked to one of the pregnant mother who came to her meeting, she looked unwell and so Irene offered a quick checkout on what was happening. Irene found out that the mother was anaemic and had a fever. She. Reported that she had been feeling week for the last three days but the mother- in -law had been giving her local herbs even when she asked her to take her to the hospital claiming that she had no money for transport to the hospital. So Irene talked to the mother-in-low and the VHT so as to offer the mother a lift to the hospital. Irene still asked about the way a outs of the husband and the mother said he had another wife in town where he has been spending most of his time and that she had taken some time without seeing him. With the condition of the mother Irene, the VHT, and the mother -in -low drive the mother to the hospital which was on the way out to jinja and Irene requested the hospital staff to work on her giving an explanation of her condition. Irene then asked the VHT to give her a call after they have worked on the mother and she later called and informed Irene that the mother had malaria in pregnancy which would be of great danger to the mother and baby if not treated. 
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Health Education 
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2021-02-22 - Purpose: Irene will be teaching about the different methods of family planning.
Program Success
Members have embraced the hygiene lesson and are requesting that we move door to door checking the improvement made.
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Mobilization of more members
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The members have continued to smear their stoves and kitchens.
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Mobilize more members to come for the meetings.
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Call the village for the next meeting.

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16482 Kalitumba village: Dina the village VHT discussing the way forward and how to increase the number of members attending the health meetings in kalitumba village.
16488 Irene giving a mama kit to an 8months pregnant mother she has been following up
16491 Kalitumba village: At the hospital where Irene brought the mother for medical examination because she had a fever and lack of appetite.