Life Skills Education and Counseling - Bulyowa A - Bulyowa Primary School

Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2021-02-10

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Life Skills Education and Counseling non-teaching lesson

Bulyowa Primary School 
Life Skills Education and Counseling 
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meet with a parent 
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Introduction Manuela went to bulyowa to teach about the value of education, this lesson is aimed at educating parents to understand that it’s their role to educate their children if they want them to attained bright features. According to the state of the jobs in Uganda today, most educated people are on the street looking for jobs but no jobs and that conditions has demoralizing parents from educating their children because they say even if we educate they will remain the same because there are no jobs in Uganda, but Manuela encouraged them no to give up because each child has his or her blessing. Objective By the end of the lesson, participants will be knowing the value of education. By the end of this meeting, parents will know why they must educate their children. Overview When Manuela reached the village, she found some members already there, Manuela greeted them and asked them that where are the rest of the participants ? They responded that they are coming, sooner later, they came, the secretary read the agenda, And called upon for volunteers to pray, after that Manuela communicated to the community members that they should remind her about what they learnt previously, members managed to share all what they learnt previously. After that, she introduced another lesson, value of education, Manuela asked the participants that what is education? They said that it means getting knowledge, Manuela went on and explained to them that education is the process of studying different kinds of subjects to gain knowledge and skills, understanding and trying to apply it in daily life. Manuela asked them again that what is the importance of education? They responded that education can enable one to gain knowledge, respect, skills, they went on and said when one is educated he or she can be employed unlike uneducated one, and among others. Manuela also explained to Them that education is light, education is the key to success, education is freedom meaning when one is educated he or she can move any everywhere because of certificates. Manuela went on and told the participants that it’s very important to understand all the importance of education so that they can get feeling of educating their children without any problem. After that Manuela asked them again that why should all parents participate in educating their children? They raised up theirs hands saying that, they want their children to get jobs and be independent that is what will motivate them to educate their children. Another one said that , she wants to educate their children because she wants her children to gain knowledge and skills because educated children are never the same with uneducated, others said that they want to educate their children because they want their children to help them when they become old in feature, have an independent life and one more, one lady said that she would like to educate her children because she wants them to develop their home village and district. Reactions During this exercise, some members said that they feel as if they are wasting money to educate their children because their are no jobs, but Manuela encouraged them not to give up in educating their children because education is the light to everything and the key to every doo. Finally, Manuela encouraged the participants to educate their children because they will have higher grades, better behavior, improved education in making good decisions and communication, to increase their confidence and among others. Manuela went on and told them that, educating a child is sacrifices and it’s parents responsibilities to do that. 
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2021-02-17 - Purpose: On that day Manuela will be teaching about the bridge.
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Community members need to be encouraged to attend Life skills program.
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Community members will be working on their home work about the bridge model.
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Manuela will be reading and preparing notes for the next visit.

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16494 Manuela was explaining to the community members about the importance of educating the and reason why they should educate them.
16497 Manuela was advising the on ways they can get money to educate their children.
16500 Manuela was also encouraging them to come in large numbers next time.