Health Education - Maliga

Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2021-02-08

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Health Education Lesson

Health Education 
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Irene went to Maliga village to meet with the community members to discuss with them on how to increase in the number of members turning up for the meeting and making a recap of the previews lessons. The meeting started with a word of prayer led by Fidah the VHT of the village, then a word from the chairman LC 1 , who thanked the members for successfully going through the new year and the election period. He also urged the members to put the elections in the past, forgive those who offended them and come back to unity for peace in their homes,and the whole community at large. The chairman also thanked kibo for the continued support rendered to their village, through sensitization,helping them work together as a community and he also said that the village is ready to receive more programs since the political process is now out and the members are now settled with their leaders. He then welcomed the health education representative to take up the meeting. Irene thanked the chairman LC1 for allowing kibo group serve in their community and continued support, participation in the kibo programs. She also thanked the members for their turn up whenever they are called upon. Irene then addressed the issues to be discussed as outlined above and asked the members to discuss together so as other members can be brought on board. How to bring other members of the community no board so as to have more members in the meetings: Irene encouraged that this should be an open discussion for each member to bring in their contributions on how to bring the other members on board. Continued mobilization,Fidah said and this should involve each member who knows about the kibo program in their village. This should not be left to one individual as it has always been,through informing the other community members about the good news on what they learn from the different programs in kibo as a motivation for them to come to the meetings. Continued home visits with the kibo staffs, because this shows an attachment to the community, members always what to listen to new ideas, and seeing new faces talk to them about their environment, encouraging them and making them feel one is apart of their daily struggles. Full involvement of the committee members to help in mobilization; said jaja Aida so that work is not only left to an individual but split each member having a responsibility to organize for the meetings. Timely and weekly visits to the village, Naigaga suggested that kibo staff should not take long without visiting the village so that members are fully engaged because when they take sometime out of the village the members tend to relax and become Engaged elsewhere. Small gifts like the organization t-shirts, bags,to motivate the members of the community. There after the members also discussed about the previous lessons, mentioning each lesson that has been covered and a brief review of that lesson. Then Irene informed the members that she was about to end her lessons in the village because she had almost covered all she was supposed to cover so she asked the members to ask questions about any of the lessons and to continue informing other members about the kibo programs. 
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Health Education 
Lesson Use Examples
The mothers that had their babies have gone for postnatal services which also include immunization of their babies. 
Next Visit
2021-02-24 - Purpose: Irene will be discussing about domestic violence,signs,health effects,and prevention.
Program Success
Most of the pregnant mothers that Irene followed up had their babies fro the hospital,all babies are healthy and immunized
Program Critical Needs
Program Ownership
Individual participation and interaction during the lesson review.
Other Program Observations
The members who have embraced the kibo programs are proud of what kibo has done for them.
Program Expected Of Village
Mobilize for the next meeting
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Call the village for the next appointment

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16503 Maliga village : The chairman addressing the community members during the health education meeting.
16506 Maliga village: Irene taking the community members through the health education lessons review.
16509 Maliga village: Fidah the village VHT talking to the members during the health education meeting.