Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kalalu

Visit by Tom Ngobi on 2021-02-08

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2021-02-11 13:24:21 UTC
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Tom Ngobi 
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Water Sanitation and Hygiene 
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construction,standards,hand washing 
Tom went to kalalu village to hold a village meeting with committee members to discuss about the program and the way forward for the program. Tom was welcomed with the committee members and all were very excited that Kibo was back to the village. Some of them had thought that kibo was not going to go back to the village after last year. The committee was thankful that there was no issue in the village during or after the elections. One of the committee members who was elected to the councilor position also thanked the other committee members for supporting her. During the conversation about the program, all the committee members thanked kin for the good work they have done in the village to improve the sanitation and hygiene of many homes. One of the committee members said that many residents in the village also come to them and openly thank them for the work they are doing. The committee members were encouraged by the way many residents have continued to embrace sanitation in their village especially hand washing. They also said many people who visit their village ask about the program because they see the improvements and changes in the village of kalalu. The chairman said that there many village leaders who have asked him to ask kibo or request jig to go t their villages and also help improve their sanitation and hygiene. The chairman said that now thru are going to make coordinated follow up especially in those homes that are yet to finish their facilities. There was a concern from two committee members from one section of the village who reported of their section not embracing hand washing. Many constructed the hand washing stands but did not cement them. They requested Tom to go to their section on the next visit so that they can speak to the residents in that section of the village. The other point was that they mentioned that that section of where most of the kibo Mvule group members come from. The secretary of the committee suggested that Tom call a meeting in that section and meet with the Mvule members through their chairman. Tom agreed to call the chairman of the Mvule members and plan for a meeting in that section along with the entire committee members. After the meeting, Tom and a few members moved to the lower section to check on some facility constructions. They were able to see some new pits being dug and constructed as well as dish racks. Tom and the committee members also encouraged the residents he visited to continue working and improving on their lives. 
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2021-02-15 - Purpose: To meet with the Mvule m members in the lower section and discuss about hand washing and sanitation improvements in their section.
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There is need for water especially in the lower section and the upper trading center section
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16524 Tom meeting with the committee members discussing about the sanitation and hygiene program, areas that need improvements as well as way forward.
16527 After the meeting Tom and a few committee members moved around and found some pits under construction like this one