Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kitukiro

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2021-02-15

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Alex Walyomu
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2021-02-16 09:12:23 UTC
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Alex Walyomu
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2021-02-16 10:07:00 UTC
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10:13-17:53 (7 h 40 m)
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13:39-15:05 (1 h 26 m)
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6 h 14 m

Water Community Meeting

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Walyomu Alex 
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LC1,DWO,VHT,District Health Inspector 
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On his way to Buyende district , Alex first made a stop over at Kamuli district offices to file the borehole report for the recently drilled well in Ndhalike village. It’s a requirement by the government to share the details of any borehole drilled by any organization in the district. The district water officer for Kamuli was very happy for another support given by kibo. This is one proof to show that kibo group is active in the district and thanked kibo for the intervention done so far and requested for more support in the district. The assistant water officer Mr. Waiswa Tom visited the new well in Ndalike village last month and appreciated the work done. The district has welcomed the new idea of constructing wall fences around the boreholes something that Is being done by kibo group on all its new wells drilled. The district also looks forward to share this idea to the rest of the other villages since it’s looks to be the best way forward. Together with the officials they shared how it’s constructed and how much it would cost one. Also they shared how best to tackle the challenge of open soak pits at the boreholes that have become another big challenge and agreed to adopt to a design that is covered to avoid the breeding of mosquitoes. Alex proceeded to Buyende district offices to meet with the district water officer and the district health inspector to discuss about Kibo’s plans to conduct WASH program in kitukiro- Busumba village. The meeting took place in the water office later in the afternoon since the water officer had been involved in another meeting that took quite long to end. The water officer and other officials were extremely happy to Kibo Group back in the district with WASH program. The water officer asked Alex why Kibo Group had taken very long without doing anything in the district but Alex used this opportunity to tell them that Kibo Group was active in the district with other programs like the Mvule program. The district knew Kibo Group in the past as one organization that gave wellls to the villages. The water officer was extremely happy for another support to be given to a village in the district. This meeting is very important to avoid duplication of services in the same community. The district hadn’t planned anything neither any other organization in this village and therefore have allowed Kibo Group to proceed with the WASH plans in this community but should keep the district informed of all steps taking place and would render any support to Kibo Group whenever required. Alex then met with the village leaders and agreed to have a baseline survey conducted next week on Monday 22/02/201 and promised to be ready to conduct this survey with Kibo Group staff. 
Next Visit
2021-02-22 - Purpose: Conduct village baseline survey
Program Success
The government leaders together with the village are very excited about Kibo’s plans in the district especially with WASH in Kitukiro- Busumba village
Program Critical Needs
There is a critical need for clean water access in the village.
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Other Program Observations
Program Expected Of Village
The village leaders will be ready to move home to home with Kibo Group staff while conducting baseline survey next week.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Alex will make a call to the village leaders to continue reminding them of the next trip and the baseline survey to be conducted during the next visit