Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Butabira

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2021-02-17

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2021-02-18 08:29:39 UTC
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Water Community Meeting

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roles and responsibilities,hygiene and sanitation,contribution 
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Walyomu Alex 
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From Kamudoke village, Alex proceeded to Butabira for another meeting with the village residents to discuss about sanitation and hygiene standards as well as continue preparing the village for the water program. Alex met with village residents and the village leaders to continue engaging all people to keep up the good sanitation standards, work together making sure that every one in the village maintain the required sanitation standards at all times. It’s a good note that the village has greatly improved and maintained the standards required. The village residents confessed in a meeting how kibo group has helped their village to be on a different level that everyone that visits the village admires what they see and ask them what to do have the same. They continued to share with the neighboring villages how to also improve on their sanitation and hygiene standards too. The village chairman, Mr. Buyinza Patrick appreciated kibo group for the partnership in the village and helped their village learn ideas to maintain a safe home environment to live in. Their village is sincerely on a different level compared to other villages in the sub county. It was in this meeting that Alex told the village residents to maintain their sanitation and hygiene standards that is when kibo group will be proud of what has been done in this village. All people have equal responsibilities towards maintaining good sanitation standards and reminding your neighbors whose facilities are collapsing to replace them as soon as possible. Butabira village has indeed worked very hard to reach the current status and now have contributed money towards construction of a wall fence around the old borehole that was recently repaired in partnership with Kibo Group. The water user committee together with the sanitation committee have continued to work together to ensure that the village contribute money towards the new well expected to be drilled soon as well as to buy all the materials to construct a wall fence at the old borehole. Alex will go back to update the final survey with the homes that reflected to be lagging behind a few months ago and guide the water committee as they construct a brick wall fence around the borehole. The village has indeed shown ownership of their borehole and have vowed to work together as they prepare to receive a new well from Kibo Group. 
Next Visit
2021-02-19 - Purpose: Update final evaluation with the areas that reflected low in the village the last time a final survey was conducted, guide the village as they construct a brick wall fence around the old borehole and continue preparing the village for the new borehole expected soon in the village
Program Success
Many of the village residents that came to the meeting continue to confess that kibo group has indeed helped them to improve and learn about the values of proper hygiene and sanitation practices. This has made many of them feel of the level they are in that every visitor coming to their homes admires the good sanitation standards
Program Critical Needs
There is still more need for clean water as many people are congesting on one available water source and others still walking a long distance.
Program Ownership
The water and sanitation committee members continue to work together in preparing the village for the new water well to be drilled in the village, contributing money needed to construct a wall fence around the old borehole and maintain the required sanitation standards.
Other Program Observations
Program Expected Of Village
To continue working together as a village towards contributing money for their borehole wall construction and for the new borehole expected to be drilled in the village.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To go back and continue to meet with the water and sanitation committees in preparation of the village for a new borehole and maintenance of sanitation and hygiene standards

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16677 Alex in a meeting with Butabira residents
16686 Some of the community members that attended the meeting at Butabira village.
16695 Goowa Enock in Butabira village completed a new kitchen in his home