Health Education - Igerera B

Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2021-02-15

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Health Education Lesson

Health Education 
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Irene went to Igerera B to mobilize community members to come for the meeting but she found when the members have gathered for a lesson so she decided to make a recap of the previous lessons and discuss with the members the way forward for the new year. The meeting started with a word of prayer led by the VHT who later welcomed the chairman of the community to take up the meeting. The chairman thanked the community members for their turn up and continued participation in the different programs that come to their village, thanked the members for successfully going through the election period peacefully and then welcomed them back to the health education lessons. The chairman continued to thank kibo for their support towards the development of their village,through the different programs that have come to their village. He further welcomed Irene to their village once again and encouraged the members to continue participating in all the programs so as to develop their village. The chairman then welcomed the community health educator to say a word to the members. Irene thanked the chairman for the opportunity given, the members for successfully entering into the new year,and going through the election process not forgetting thanking them for embracing the kibo programs to their village. Irene further informed the members that since it was a new year they needed to plan together on how to successfully take the health education program in their village and mobilize more community members to come for the meetings. So Irene encouraged the members to make it an open discussion on how to increase the number of members especially men coming for the lessons. The chairman Charles suggested that members should help mobilize and pass on the information about the lessons Incase they are informed and not to keep the information to themselves. He further said the leaders in the community should take up full responsibility to see to it that the members in their neighborhoods come for the lessons and not to leave the mobilization to a few leaders. Nasirumbi the VHT said, we need to carry out a continued door to door mobilization of the community members so as to encourage them to come for the meetings, she also encouraged the members to take the health lessons serious since it’s all about their health.she further said the health lessons are an eye opener to each one of them to check themselves on what affects them in their families. Mariam said, there should be a motivational way of mobilization like using a music system so that each time the members lear the music being played in the meeting place they get to know that it’s time for the lessons. Isma suggested that the few men who come for the meeting should pass on the information to the fellow men on the good things they have learnt from the health lessons encouraging the other men out their to come for the lessons. Make the lessons as simple as possible with pictures that each member takes home as a reminder of what has been covered so that even those that don’t know how to read and write can get the meaning of the lesson from the pictures. With several suggestions for the members Irene suggested that they will try to see that they are put into consideration. There after the members discussed about the previous lessons covered and suggested that next time they meet they will move and mobilize the members. 
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Health Education 
Lesson Use Examples
Irene has talked to the pregnant mothers about antenatal visits and most of them are going to the nearby hospital for antenatal visits. 
Next Visit
2021-03-01 - Purpose: Irene will be making a door to door mobilization of the community members to come for the meetings.
Program Success
Yes, more community members are embracing the health education program.
Program Critical Needs
More mobilization of the community members to come for the meeting.
Program Ownership
Other Program Observations
Members have continued to smear their stoves, kitchens and building stoves for the other members.
Program Expected Of Village
Mobilize community members to come for the lessons.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Prepare the next lesson and call the village for the next appointment

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16719 Igerera B: Irene sharing with the members of the village about the way forward for the program and making a recap of the previous lessons.
16725 Igerera B: The VHT of the village communicating to the community members about the way forward this year.