Mvule Community Development - Buyange

Visit by Chris Bulolo on 2021-02-24

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Chris Bulolo
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2021-02-25 06:56:27 UTC
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Chris Bulolo
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2021-02-25 08:13:29 UTC
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09:30-16:47 (7 h 17 m)
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11:40-14:40 (3 h 0 m)
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Mvule Community Development lesson

How Many Men Attended
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Staff Attendees
Chris Bulolo 
Government Attendees
LC1,LC2,LC3,Parish Councillor 
Visitor Attendees
The imam and sheik of the neighboing village 
Total Attendance
Mvule Community Development 
Lesson Taught
Yesterday Chris went to buyange village to introduce mvule program to the community members, introducing this program to the members is the most important stage of mvule program because residents are given an opportunity to ask questions and give their opinions about the program as well, then it is from that moment that one can know if the residents will be committed to the program or not, whether or not they can offer their land to plant on trees, that is all determined on the day of introducing the program, so when Chris arrived he was hopping to go straight to the meeting venue and start the meeting however, he was instead requested by Mr Farouk one of the mobilizer to move with him and check on Mr shaman , mr shaban deals in brick laying , for that reason he is responsible for cutting most of the trees in the community without replacing them. Mr Farouk wanted Chris to see how cutting trees has impacted the community but he also wanted Chris see the people responsible and find away of persuading them to change the habit. When Chris reached the home, Mr shaban was almost freaking out because he thought Chris was one of the government environmentalists who had come to arrest him, he pleaded and said he has always wanted to replace trees he cuts down but the problem is getting the tree seedlings to plant. However Chris first introduced himself as staff from Kibo and invited him for the meeting so he can learn more about the importance of planting trees. Indeed he attended and at the end of the meeting he was so energized and promised to attend the next meeting. At the meeting venue the Chairman of the village mr kisekka introduced four Muslim sheiks who had travelled from the neiboring village of magada, the sheiks introduced themselves as sheik Ahmed, sheik Musa ,sheik Muhammad and sheik Juma all from Namutumba Imams and Amirat development Association whose offices are located in matyama sub county, the sheiks informed Chris that they decided to form an association to improve sanitation in their community, when they had about Kibo coming to buyange , they requested the chairman to invite them so they can learn more about Kibo, they requested to partner with the wash team to promote sanitation and tree planting in their village however Chris gave them the Kibo office address and also invited them to be attending the mvule program lessons so that they too can do the same in their communities, Chris will be going back to buyange village to discuss about the importance of planting trees and why the community has to engage in planting trees. The members will be given time to give their opinions as well. 
Next Visit
2021-03-03 - Purpose: Discuss about the importance of planting trees and why the community has to engage in planting trees. The members will be given time to give their opinions as well.
Program Success
Yes , the village members and their leaders acknowledged the need to plant trees and said they always wanted plant plant trees but they never had a chance so they are thankful to Kibo .
Program Critical Needs
The need for printed posters for demonstration while teaching about tree planting.
Program Ownership
The chairman of buyange village invited leaders from the neighboring village to come and attend the meeting, the leaders were so excited and prayed that they too are given a chance to host Kibo in their village.
Other Program Observations
The healthy and safe stoves are benefiting the village members, this was witnessed when I visited mrs fatuma’s home, she said she uses 4-5 pieces of wood to prepare lunch
Program Expected Of Village
To mobilize each other and prepare for the next general meeting.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To do more research on trees before we proceed to the village as well as phone calling the village leaders to mobilize the members for the meeting.

Report Photos

16839 This is buyange village , in the photo Chis uses the white board to introduce the mule program, this was the most important stage of mvule program because it lays a firm foundation on which the program will base on because it determines whether the members will be committed to the program or not.