Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kamudoke

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2021-02-24

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Alex Walyomu
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2021-02-25 08:55:01 UTC
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Alex Walyomu
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2021-02-25 11:34:58 UTC
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10:33-10:43 (0 h 10 m)
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12:45-15:40 (2 h 55 m)
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-3 h 15 m

Household visits

Which Survey
WASH Baseline Survey 
Number Of Households
Visits Purpose
To check on sanitation and hygiene status 
Staff Attendees
Walyomu Alex 
Government Attendees
LC1,Health Assistant 
Alex went to meet with the sub county officials to discuss about kibo group and WASH plans in Kamudoke village. Before kibo group officially starts to conduct its activities in a village, its very important to be at the same page with all government offices in the district. Alex met with the sub county health assistant Mr. Busense and he was ok with kibo group to go ahead with its plans in Kamudoke village. They held a discussion how best to approach this village and had thoughts of launching/ triggering in this village during the sanitation week commencing on 15/ 2/2021. Kamudoke and Namusita village are in Ivukula sub county and these officials have suggested a partnership with kibo group to launch the sanitation activities in these villages. Alex told the sub county officials that it was such a good idea that kibo group would love to do and shall consider to do something like that in the villages during the sanitation week recognized in the whole country. It was such a wonderful meeting that the sub county officials appreciated kibo group for all its partnership in the sub county. It was after the meeting, that Alex proceeded to the village to meet with the leaders and agree on the day to conduct the baseline survey. He moved around the village to prepare the village residents for the baseline survey while checking on the homes and its status. He moved in about 18 homes and saw some facilities but most of them don’t meet the standards. The baseline survey will be don next week on 5/03/2021. 
Next Visit
2021-03-05 - Purpose: To carry out a baseline survey in the village
Program Success
The community is in high gear to welcome kibo group to start working with them.
Program Critical Needs
Program Ownership
Other Program Observations
Program Expected Of Village
The village leaders to mobilize each other and move with kibo group staff while conducting baseline survey in the village
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To call the village Leaders to remind them of the day to conduct the baseline survey

Report Photos

16881 Most people’s kitchens in the villages need to be maintained as their roofs are leaking
16884 Alex moved with some leaders in the village to check on the current sanitation status of the village and saw some homes with tippy taps but with no water.
16890 Some of the bathrooms seen in Kamudoke village.
16893 This is one of the dish rack seen in some homes but don’t meet the standards required.