Community Empowerment - Bukhudumira

Visit by Daina Akurut on 2021-03-01

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2021-03-02 11:11:43 UTC
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23:00-17:29 (-6 h 29 m)
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13:25-15:40 (2 h 15 m)
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Ida Bazonona 
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Bible Lesson 2: Jesus Lord of everything 
Ida went to Bukudhumira to teach about trust in God in their families. Ida wanted to let everyone know that God is important in their families, without Him, families cannot stand. Every one welcomed the the lesson, the chairman told Ida that this lesson is going to impact their family so much. Ida asked them to define the meaning of Trust. Hajira gave her answer, that trust is not thinking negatively about your spouse. Swaibu said, Trust is not letting the person you are staying with down after staying with her or him for some time. Ida thanked them for their beautiful answers. Ida defined trust as, thinking of someone being reliable and you have confidence in them and you feel safe physically and emotionally. Ida, asked them another question which is, how do you develop trust in God. Sara said, by fasting, Ida told them to read the word of God, fellowshipping unceasingly and prayer. Ida told them the reason as to why they should trust in God. God knows better than us, He knows everything we are going through (the story of Covid). Ida gave them some examples on how to fully trust in God. Surrendering yourself and your troubles to God and not witch doctors, Replace negative thoughts with positive ones, listening to the Holy Spirit by reading the word. The community thanked Ida for teaching teaching them. 
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2021-03-22 - Purpose: To continue with trust in God session 2.
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The Mvule program is doing well.
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They are expected to come in big numbers with their masks on and to keep time.
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The staff needs to prepare lesson plans before going to the village.

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17229 Ida teaching the community of Bukudhumira, how to trust in God.