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Visit by Daina Akurut on 2021-03-03

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Ida Bazonona 
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Bible Lesson 8: Teaching Children 
Ida went to teach the community how to discipline children. She asked the community members to tell her some ways they discipline their children in their homes. Kagoya said that she denies her children food. Robinah said that she beats them up because the Bible says so. Samson said that he chases the child and mother from his house because it’s the mothers responsibility to make a child right. David said that he takes the child to police because the government spoilt children when they refused the parents to beat them. Ida asked Fida to read from proverbs 13:24. Disciplining a child is different from abusing or torturing. Most parents torture which results into street children problem. There are many ways of disciplining children like Taking their toys away Sending them in their room when it’s time to play. Switch off the TV. Make them slash or sweep the compound etc. Spank not torture. After giving them the punishment, talk to them and let them know the reason as to why so that they won’t do it again. Discipline is instilled to have self- control over situations, people or even emotions. The meeting was concluded by a prayer from Kasinga. 
Next Visit
2021-03-17 - Purpose: To evaluate the the lessons of parenting, chores and discipline in children in Maliga.
Program Success
Members save every Wednesday and give the money contributed to two members which has helped them in their daily needs.
Program Critical Needs
Program Ownership
The members decided to meet every Wednesday even if Kibo staff doesn’t visit and talk about how their group will prosper.
Other Program Observations
The ladies who scaled out to the neighboring community building stoves are happy because they are making some money.
Program Expected Of Village
To come with their masks on and also come with their husbands if possible.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Prepare lessons for the next meeting.

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17232 Mrs Kafuko taking her goats to graze which Kibo gave her . She got one goat but now has four!