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Visit by Abraham Mulongo on 2021-03-01

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Abraham Mulongo
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2021-03-02 19:08:24 UTC
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2021-03-04 11:47:21 UTC
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10:00-17:40 (7 h 40 m)
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12:50-15:15 (2 h 25 m)
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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Abraham Mulongo 
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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Abraham met twenty eight Kivule community members and the purpose was to introduce goats program to the community. They were so excited to hear it and one member asked if they are going to get a goat. Abraham answered him that Kibo wants each of them to be doing something in their homes because the idea of doing something together is good but they will it more when they will bring back the offsprings. It is good that they contributed money as a group and bought a pit which now is having six piglets but still that why they have been struggling to discuss how they will keep the piglets to make sure they share the labor. They decided that each member will get a piglet to take care of and Muslims in the group will get goats as they will sell a piglet to buy for them goats. They want to do that because they share the labor looking after them not to burden one member to look after them. This group is unique because even Muslims said that if keeping pigs will make a group move from one step to another it is okay and for them they will be keeping goats. The next meeting they will be discussing about things which may arise like women who are in the group but their husbands are not members because in the end the husbands may claim that goats belong to them or sell them. 
Next Visit
2021-03-15 - Purpose: To discuss the advantages and disadvantages of receiving goats for example a woman is a member in the group and her husband is not, how they will make sure the husband does not sell the goat or claim that the goat belongs to him.
Program Success
They bought a pig as a group which produced six piglets
Program Critical Needs
To start building shelters of goats
Program Ownership
They gave some piglets to some members to look after them
Other Program Observations
They are some members building brick dish racks
Program Expected Of Village
To get their certificate from the district
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To call the chairman for the update of next meeting

Report Photos

17130 Abraham introducing goats program to Kivule community members.
17133 One of the piglet which were given to a member to look after.
17136 This is the constitution of Kivule community members
17139 Some of guidelines inside Kivule constitution