Mvule Community Development - Buyange

Visit by Chris Bulolo on 2021-03-03

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Henry Oyier,Chris Bulolo 
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LC1,Parish Councillor 
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Mvule Community Development 
Lesson Taught
benefits of trees 
Henry oyier and Chris went to buyange village to discuss the benefits of planting trees with the community members. Before they could reach the village Henry and Chris first visited the sub county offices and had a brief meeting with Mrs Mary who is the CDO( community development officer) of magada sub county ,Meeting the cdo is very important to all Kibo programs because the government follows up what activities Kibo is doing in the communities , during that brief meeting with cdo, Mrs Mary appreciated the work all Kibo programs have done in the communities of namutumba district, Mrs Mary committed her office to work with Kibo in regard to developing the communities in namutumba, from there, Henry and Chris proceeded to the community for the meeting, they begun by moving around the community where they reached homes of the members to mobilize them for the meeting as well as knowing how the members live in their communities. The meeting started at 1:20pm , Chris introduced the day’s lesson of benefits of planting trees, the members volunteered by giving the right answers by show of hands when Chris asked them the question about the benefits of trees, however these kind of answers showed how much the the community members are so much informed about climate change and tree planting for example Mr Muhammad said trees breath in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen that is the reason there is always fresh air under trees, Mrs fauzia also said trees help to bring unity in diversity, she gave a live example of some Muslim sheiks and some Christians who were present in the meeting , the meeting was held under a tree which left every one amused. Chris then introduced Henry , Henry started by thanking members for welcoming all Kibo programs which have worked in buyange village, he appreciated the members who had maintained their stoves ,he also thanked the bore hole chairperson for maintaining the Kibo well so much. About the benefits of trees, Henry gave an example of a mother who carries her pregnancy, delivers the baby, nurtures it, educates her/him and when the parents grow old, the child takes care of them, Henry said the same should be done on the trees, he said the trees we are benefiting from now were planted by our great grand parents so it is upon our generation to prepare for our future grand children however he called upon the members to always show up for the meeting every time chis comes in the community. Chris will be going back to buyange village to guide the community in the discussions about how to plant trees, this will involve the measurements of the holes and so on. 
Next Visit
2021-03-10 - Purpose: To guide the community members how to plant trees.
Program Success
Yes, we had a very successful meeting and th community members showed commitment to the program
Program Critical Needs
More lessons about trees are needed
Program Ownership
Mr Farouk who offered his home to host the meetings promised to spearhead the campaign against cutting trees in his community.
Other Program Observations
The homes we moved to have nice looking stoves
Program Expected Of Village
The village is expected to mobilize and get read for the next meeting .
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To go through the curriculum as they prepare for the next meeting.

Report Photos

17148 This is buyange village , Henry gives a word of encouragement to the members as Chris helps to translate. Henry encouraged the members to take care of the trees just like their children, he said no one wishes to see their children die of hunger and the same should apply to trees by irrigating and applying manure on them.
17151 This is buyange village, the photo above shows Henry emphasizing on the importance of planting trees to the community, he called upon the parents to teach their children to prepare for their future by planting trees.
17154 Mrs Fauzia of buyange village uses the Kibo address system to introduce herself during the meeting, the address system also helped to mobilize the community members for the meeting.