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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2021-03-05

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

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Personal Hygiene 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson , participants will know how important good personal hygiene is .
Introduction Lorna went to Naibowa to meet with the community for the first time to carry out an Assessment and later on sensitize on Personal hygiene. An Assessment is carried out to introduce the community to life Skills Program to know their knowledge on the topics of Life Skills. While personal hygiene is our very first introductory topic in our Life Skills Program. Overview We arrived the village earlier than usual and the community members were still preparing to come however it did not take long until the community members came. When the community members came , the chairman opened with a word of prayer and then introduced Lorna to the community and welcomed her to teach. Lorna thanked the chairman for the introductory remarks and Lorna greeted the community and then started off with the findings from the previous home to home mobilization. She thanked them for keeping their hygiene but also reminded them to make use of the handwashing facilities and those that had open pits to build on them or cover them . Also those that need to maintain their facilities , Lorna told them to work on them because it is for their own good. After here Lorna mentioned that today they were going to do two things that is an Assessment and Lorna explained what Assessment is and also personal hygiene as our first lesson. Lorna told them the importance of Assessment that it is to test their knowledge and understanding of Life Skills topics and guided the teachers where to start. The Assessment includes some topics from HIV, Decision making, Relationship Skills, Communication Skills, among others. The Assessment went really well as we had interesting discussions for example when it came to communicating with children as parents like how often. One man said the women should be doing this often but one hajjat said no both men and women should be involved in communicating to their children. Another man said as men they communicate but women turn their children against them. Lorna mentioned that they will look in detail the importance of communication. On sharing gender roles m Lorna asked them whether most of the roles are dominated by men alone, women alone or both women and men and the women said mostly them that do the work. Lorna asked can these roles be shared? , one man said yes women can help build latrines and other women said no that’s for men . Another hajjat mentioned not necessarily digging but helping with the dirt and then men clapped and said yes. Men said the home roles are majorly for women because them they go out looking for money. After Assessment we looked at Personal hygiene, Lorna asked a few participants to mention what good personal hygiene is. One lady mentioned that it starts from inside out. Lorna asked her to expound and she said that it starts from inside the house to the person. Another mentioned that it’s not about the outside look like how everyone looks like right now in the meeting but everyday. Lorna thanked them for these responses and mentioned that there many aspects surrounding Personal hygiene but they will be looking at 5 areas. Body hygiene; where Lorna talked about the importance of bathing and one lady said for her she bathed 5 times a day and the community members told her to explain these times and she did but another man famously known as pastor said that Madam Lorna I quote don’t let those women deceive you none of them bathes five times almost 2 times. This sent them all laughing but they discussed the importance of bathing and also not forgetting their children as most times the older people bathe and they forget their young ones. We also looked at the sponge or whatever is used for bathing and that it should be clean and also to have good shower facilities that enable one to bathe conveniently. We looked at oral hygiene and the importance of brushing teeth and how many times we need to brush and they said thrice in the morning afternoon and before bed. We saw that it helps prevent tooth problems but also saves us money to go to the dentist. We also looked at clothes hygiene and the need to wear clean clothes and then again not as adults only but children as well. We looked at both st home and when going somewhere . We also looked at some diseases from wearing dirty clothes and asked the men to buy some soap. We looked at wearing clean underwear too both men and women and washing them too not forgetting wearing wet underwear. We also looked at handwashing and the times we need to wash our hands like before eating, after eating, washing hands after the latrine , before breastfeeding, after tying animals, rubbish and then the water should be flowing not from the basin . Lorna discouraged using non running water and use of cups but encouraged them to use Jerrycans. Conclusion It was a great lesson although the community members asked to change the day since Friday is their day of prayers. They also asked whether Lorna could go earlier so that they have time to go to the mosque. Lorna thanked them for their concerns and participation and mentioned the next lesson will be menstrual hygiene and management and the values of Education. 
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2021-03-15 - Purpose: Teach values of Education
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Community participation and attendance
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The stoves building is going on well and they are even going ahead and building stoves by themselves without Kibo staff.
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