Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kalalu

Visit by Tom Ngobi on 2021-03-05

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Tom Ngobi
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2021-03-09 15:22:59 UTC
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Tom Ngobi
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2021-03-10 06:08:00 UTC
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10:15-18:05 (7 h 50 m)
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12:15-15:50 (3 h 35 m)
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To check on facility constructions 
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Tom Ngobi 
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Tom made a visit to kalalu village to check on facility constructions and sanitation improvements. When he arrived in the village, he found when some of the committee members were having a school meeting at kalalu primary school. The chairman of the village Mr Mwidu was available but later was called upon to go and settle some issues in one home. So, Tom and two committee members Mr Mulega and Nabirye decided to move around themselves. Mr Mulega suggested that they move to a section of the village towards the lower section that has not been visited for while. But before they moved, a resident came to the chairman’s home and when he found Tom, he greatly expressed his appreciation for what Kibo has done. He for sure did not have a latrine before. He said he is so happy now and very comfortable in his home. A few days ago he received visitors from the district to come to his home and meet his group members. He spoke of the comfort he had knowing he has a latrine and that even though visitors asked for to use one, he was comfortable showing them his latrine. He could not imagine if he had no latrine. So he really thanked Kibo and the committee members for the work they have done in the village to encourage and enable residents have latrines. As they moved, saw in the first homes and in the trading center that most residents are maintaining the hand washing. This was observed as most of the stands had jericans on them. The jericans were clean with water. In ne of the homes visits, they found a resident constructing a shower facility. Me Mulega advised him on th standard of the shower facility especially the height. Mr Mulega also encouraged him to put on a course of cement to give tue structure more strength. In another section, Tom and the two committee members encouraged the residents to construct hand washing stands and Mr Mulega offered to help them construct. This is because in about the 6 homes in that section, only one had the hand washing stand and a jerican. Two men from that section of the village said they will get the cement and invite Mr Mulega to help them with the construction. As they mentioned fed further , they found two homes with new latrines. They encouraged them to put roofs on the structures to protect them from rain. One resident was found with a pit of about 4ft. Mr Mulega advised the residents to go to the chairman of the village and sign for a pick axe so that he could use it to finish his pit. The residents were also encouraged on other facilities like the dish racks and hand washing. As they mentioned moved along in other homes, they saw that residents were maintaining hand washing especially those that had constructed them earlier and this was very encouraging. They also encouraged residents without dish racks to construct them and to use good standard poles and construct them using the new model. 
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2021-03-12 - Purpose: Check on facility constructions, maintenance and improvements
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17223 One of the committee members Mr Mulega demonstrating to one of the community members the standard height of the shower facility
17226 Mr Mulega checking one of the new pits being dug for a latrine