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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2021-03-10

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Mpumiro Primary School 
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Learning Objectives
Introduction Lorna was in Mpumiro village where she taught on Values of Education. The objective of this lesson is to raise awareness on the importance of parents teaching their children and the values of Education Overview By 1pm the community members were just arriving the meeting place . We waited for a quorum of about 15 people and then we were able to start the meeting. The meeting started with a word of prayer and thereafter opening remarks from the chairman who later welcomed Lorna to address the community members . Lorna greeted the community members and asked anyone to remind them what their previous lesson was about . One man mentioned that we looked at Menstrual hygiene and management and another lady mentioned we also looked at the bridge model. Lorna asked two people to volunteer and teach the other community members what they understood from the bridge model. The women councilor volunteered and came to the front and using the chart Lorna had drawn managed to explain what she understood and after this the chairman also came and added. Lorna asked the community members to clap for them and then Lorna concluded this topic. She mentioned that there so many challenges that both young and old people go through and a lot of information out there but unfortunately we choose to sit on this information but we need to use this information for behavior change if we want to lead a positive healthy lifestyle. On the topic of the day Values of Education, Lorna started by asking what is Education?.muhammud mentioned that it is gaining knowledge and skills which was right. Lorna then asked whether it is important to educate our children and if. Education at all is important. They said yes and Lorna asked them what are some of the reasons or importance of education?. Some of the reasons were for one to have a better future, to get a good job, to earn respect in the society, to get good salary, to be independent, to be able to help others by providing their basic needs, develop ones community among others. Lorna then asked the parents if it was important that they are involved in their children’s education some said yes while others kept quiet. Nabirye mentioned it’s very important because if you do so it helps them become serious with their studies. She gave an example of her daughter who studies from far off when one day she decided to go visit her but realized she stayed at her rental house and did not go to school . Together they went to school and when Nabirye asked about her attendance, the headteacher said that he was glad that Nabirye came because her daughter doesn’t seem to be attending much of class these days. She asked to discipline her daughter in front of the headteacher and since then she stopped missing class and was the best in that school and therefore she encouraged parents to check on their children, the chairman also mentioned that it gives more confidence to the child to know that their parent is involved. Lorna added that it also helps the school develop and the teachers gain more confidence in what they are doing because the parents are also involved. The children are more sure of what they want to become in future because the parents are involved. Lorna urged the parents to check their children’s books, attend the parents meetings at school and provide their needs so that they are able to stay in school. She even told them to pack them some breakfast it can be a sweet potato so they keep in school and not perform poorly because of hunger or come back home and start cooking and end up not going back to school. Conclusion Other importance’s of education mentioned were ; children get exposure , they know what their rights are, they are not easily cheated like one woman mentioned when buyers come to buy produce from them and want to trick them with the weighing scale and when they find out you can count you are cheated so when one is educated they avoid such things. Lorna also mentioned that it helps prevent land grabbing between children and parents because when one is educated, they can buy their own land. All in all Lorna encouraged the community members to treat education as an investment and go ahead and educate their children because there many needs as the population keeps growing. 
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