Life Skills Education and Counseling - Bulyowa A - Bulyowa Primary School

Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2021-03-10

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Bulyowa Primary School 
Lesson Taught
How HIV/ STDs are Transmitted,HIV/STDs Prevention 
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Ongyera Manuella 
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Life Skills Teacher 
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Learning Objectives
To educate the community members about how HIV is transmitted from one person to another and how it can be prevented.
Introduction Manuela went to bulyowa village to educate the community members about how HIV is transmitted and how they can prevent it from catching them, this lesson is aimed at creating awareness among participants that there are different ways through which they can catch the virus and how they will manage to prevent. It’s better for people to know about the course so that they easily prevent. Overview When Manuela reached the village she found some good numbers of women seated discussing about the homework which was given to them , Manuela gave them time to do their work, after that one woman name Margaret volunteered that she will present, this made Manuela happy to see that happening yet this has never happened in the previous villages where Life Skills had been taught. After that Manuela started her lesson by asking the participants about the previous lesson learnt, members tried to share their ideas about what they learnt previously, that they learnt about the immune systems, and the cells which are found in the body, the HIV history and the myths and Facts about HIV. After that Manuela said before the presentation, let her talk about transmission, Manuela said for any transmission to take place, there must be fluids like infected blood, semen, Virginia fluids and breast milk and portal of entry which means a cut or wound , without any of that transmission can not take place. She went on and said that for the sack of prevention, she told them about universal precautions which means that everyone has a potential to get HIV infection so she told them to be careful because this disease has no cure. Presentation of the homework After that, she also asked the participants about the homework, they all responded that they have searched enough and ready to present, as usual women first, one woman by the name Margaret was the teacher, she presented by how HIV virus is transmitted from one person to another, she started by asking the questions, she was so straight, determined and she really had knowledge about her presentation. While presenting, the women sighted that HIV can be transmitted through having unprotected sex with some one who is HIV positive, sharing sharp instruments with infected persons, through Accident, through blood transfusions, through mother to child transmission and among others.Women happy and where cheering that they are better then the men in their presentation. After men seeing women behaving like that, they started to worm up to present seeing the women doing wonderfully , Margaret gave a clear information about how the virus moves from one person to another, she explained all activities that can lead to HIV and that which can not led to. There came time for questions, men were asking the women questions about the lessons and the women were responding as in defending their presentation. After that, it was time for men, they also had a volunteer who presented very well about different ways preventing the virus from catching them. During the presentation, men sighted many different ways of HIV prevention like use of condoms, gloves, being faithful, Avoid sharing sharp instruments, going for early HIV testing at lest three times in nine month and among others, as they were summarizing they said that for them they try to protect them selves but their women are the course of HIV infection in their village, that statement made the women to react rudely on men that brought chaos for sometimes, Manuela gave them time to react then after Manuela came in and controlled them .Manuela told them that they are learning to gain skills that will help them teach other too. She went on and said that no one should blame the other because all of them need to be careful with this disease. Finally, Manuela appreciated the participants for the presentation and for coming in large numbers because they were 55 participants. she gave them home work again on cure and women and HIV. She told them to search for those and on that day they will present. 
Next Visit
2021-03-17 - Purpose: On that day, Manuela will be teaching about cure of HIV, women and HIV.
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Community members doing their homework given.
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They will be doing their homework
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Manuela will be reading and preparing notes for the next visit

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17322 The man standing in white chart was giving a summary of all what was learnt on that day.
17325 One of the participants was presenting his findings about the homework given
17328 That man was explaining to the participants the different ways through which HIV virus can be transmitted emphasizing on the cultural practices.
17331 Attendance list of participants in Bulyowa village.