Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kishaike

Visit by Tom Ngobi on 2021-03-10

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Tom Ngobi
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2021-03-11 13:30:20 UTC
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Tom Ngobi
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2021-03-11 14:00:16 UTC
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09:30-18:20 (8 h 50 m)
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12:00-11:50 (-1 h 50 m)
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Water Community Meeting

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user committee training,roles and responsibilities,surveying,hygiene and sanitation,contribution 
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Tom Ngobi 
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LC1,Health Assistant 
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Tom made a visit to two villages to check on sanitation improvements as well as prepare the villages for the borehole survey. Tom started from kishaike village. He first picked up the health assistant and together they visited the village. When they arrived in the village, they found when four committee members were waiting at the meeting t place. Tom suggested to the health assistant that they move around as they wait on some other committee members for the meeting. As they moved, they visited three homes which are yet to finish their latrines. One resident was found when she had started on a new pit because the old pit collapsed. Tom and the health assistant and two of the committee members encouraged her to work and finish the pit before the rains the start. One of the other residents had brought logs for putting on the pit while one resident has already constructed the mud slab on the pit. Tom and the committee members encouraged the resident to improve on the mud slab by adding on more mud. As they moved on other homes, they also encouraged them on hand washing as well as the construction and finishing of the dish racks. They later came to the meeting place where told the members that they need to prepare for survey. The members were,very excited but Tom reminded the members about their roles and responsibilities during the survey. Tom encouraged them to make sure that residents understand that wherever the survey points are that those residents are ready to give up a part of their land for the drilling as well as to the community. The committee members said that all residents in the village are ready to give up their land for the benefit of getting a borehole. Tom also continued encouraging them on the contributions as well as continued encouragement to one another to maintain their sanitation standards. From kishaike village, Tom headed to Mpumiro. Tom found when the committee members and village members were waiting at the meeting place. Tom shared with them the good news that the survey for water will be happening soon. The village residents were,very excited and happy. Tom shared with them about their responsibilities during the survey as well as continue contributing money for the borehole account. Tom also shared with them about sensitizing the community members about giving up a portion of their land for the borehole location for free. The residents said they are all ready to give up land for the borehole for free so that a borehole is drilled on the village. Tom also encouraged them to continue with sanitation and hygiene maintenance as well as contributions. The village members and committee members promised to work together and achieve the sanitation standards as well as raise money for the borehole. 
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2021-03-12 - Purpose: Visit Mpumiro for borehole survey
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17289 Tom meeting with the committee members and preparing them for the survey
17292 A new pit for a new latrine being dug in the village
17295 A new latrine being dug. The new pit has been put on the mud floor
17298 One of the committee members speaking during he meeting
17301 Tom meeting with the residents of Mpumiro preparing them for the survey