Mvule Community Development - Buyange

Visit by Chris Bulolo on 2021-03-10

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Mvule Community Development 
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how to plant 
Chris went to buyange village , the reason was to review the previous lesson on benefits of trees but as well went on to introduce a lesson on how to plant trees to the community members. Buyange community members are interesting people, they are welcoming and open minded, they love to try out new things and are never afraid to fail, that is the reason they are so excited about the mvule community development program of planting trees and for that case Chris has always found it easy to mobilize the the community members for meetings and in some instances members mobilize themselves and Chris has to find them already at the meeting venue which was the case for yesterday, Chris found the members seated and ready for the day’s lesson. Chris first previewed the previous lesson of benefits of trees, members were still remembering what Chris had taught however what was more interesting was the new different answers members gave for example Mr Kalimani said he went and researched about trees , he said trees act as wind breakers and source of medicine however, Chris encouraged everyone to learn more about trees and love them too, he went on to introduce the lesson of how to plant trees, members were so excited about planting trees but they never had a clue of how to plant them, he first asked about how members have been planting trees and they gave their views too, Chris discussed the whole process of how the tree is planted by demonstrating to them how a 2*2 ft hole is dug, manure is put in and left for sometime to get ready and how a tree seedling is planted, all this was done while some members were taking notes. Chris also stated the measurements between one tree to the other , he said for mvule it is recommended to have a distance of 30 meters between tree seedlings, he also encouraged members not to plant a mvule tree near their houses since they grow so big and their root system normally go through the houses which develop cracks in walls. Chris also appealed to members not to plant the mvule trees at the boundaries of their pieces of land because they would cause conflicts amongst themselves once the trees out grow and go beyond the boundaries meanwhile Chris encouraged the family members to go back and agree on were to plant the trees ,Chris said this would eliminate any chance of having land and property conflict in future. Chris promised to come back next week on 17/03/2021 to continue with how to plan5 the trees and also encourage the members to start lob one another as they to plant the trees however on his way back, Chris passed by nawaibete village since it is along the high way, he visited nawaibete and had a meeting with the chairman of the village mr balaki, the chairperson of mvule community group mr bageya and the secretary Mrs proscovia, the meeting was intended to mobilize and get the community members ready for the next meeting, it was resolved by the committee members that they will mobilize and try to reach ever6 one for the meeting which will be conducted at 3pm, the meeting is intended to get community members committed to community development. 
Next Visit
2021-03-17 - Purpose: To continue with the lesson on how to plant trees, to encourage members to love one another as they plan to plant trees.
Program Success
Yes, the response of the community towards planting trees is so positive . They are prepared and informed.
Program Critical Needs
The need to prepared for the seedlings before the rain season starts.
Program Ownership
The community members are self driven and by the time we reached the community, they had already gathered at the meeting venue.
Other Program Observations
We checked on the safe kitchen stoves in homes of some members and they were doing fine, some members are volunteering at helping others to build them.
Program Expected Of Village
After getting lessons on how to plan trees, the community members now need to go back and discuss with their families about where to plant trees.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To continue making more research on different types of trees some members have requested for and find out if mvule program can be able to provide.

Report Photos

17304 Buyange village , mvule program, Chris demonstrates the benefits of trees to the community members using an example of the young girl who is being taken care of by her parents with the hope that she will take care of them in future.
17307 Nawaibete village, mvule program, On his way from buyange, Chris passed by nawaibete village and met with the chairman Mr Balaki and the secretary of the group, Chris encouraged the leaders to mobilize the community members for the next meeting.
17319 Buyange village, mvule program, Chris leading a discussion about how to plant trees, members were taught about the measurement of holes.