Community Empowerment - Nawandyo B

Visit by Daina Akurut on 2021-03-10

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Daina Akurut
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2021-03-11 07:08:07 UTC
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Daina Akurut
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2021-03-16 10:13:57 UTC
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10:42-04:30 (-7 h 48 m)
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12:55-02:30 (-11 h 35 m)
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4 h 13 m

Community Empowerment Lessons

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Ida Bazonona,Akurut Diana 
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Meeting the community 
Ida and Diana, went to Nawandyo B to introduce the Community Empowerment Program to the community. The chairman with some community members received us. The turn up was not good as we expected. The chairman started by apologizing that they got an abrupt program of fumigation. The government was fumigating the village against mosquitoes. We attended to the people present. Ida thanked them for sacrificing their time to come and attend the lessons. She encouraged them to mobilize the people to come in big numbers and also they have to obey government programs, because Kibo works hand in hand with the government programs. They agreed and said that, they had time till 2:00pm, because the fumigators need to get their houses open and also to remove the food and beddings so that, they are not contaminated. Diana took them through some of the Community Empowerment Programs, which include, trust in God, harmony in marriage , domestic violence, poultry. She encouraged them 5o come in big numbers, so that they don’t lose out. They agreed and said they will mobilize their friends so that they come in big numbers. This was great news to us and we encouraged them to go earlier to meet the fumigators. We later moved in 7 homes and got that the kitchens well utilized, the latrines are also in good shape. The Chairman thanked Kibo for the good programs in their village. 
Next Visit
2021-03-24 - Purpose: To elaborate more on Community Empowerment program and to introduce the first lesson (Trust in God)to the Community.
Program Success
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Other Program Observations
The kitchens are well utilised
Program Expected Of Village
They are expected to come in big numbers, keep time and put on masks
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
The staff needs to prepare lessons before going to the village.

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17457 Diana praying with the community of Nawandyo B
17460 Things moved out to prepare for fumigation.
17463 Diana and Ida taking the community through the program of Community Empowerment.