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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2021-03-12

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

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How HIV/ STDs are Transmitted,Early Pregnancy,Dangers of early marriage 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, parents know how to help their children that have given birth By the end of the lesson parents know the causes and dangers of early pregnancy By the end of the lesson, parents know the causes and dangers of early marriages
Introduction Lorna went to this village where she taught on the causes and dangers of early pregnancy and marriages. Previously the leaders mentioned that Lorna should help them with the some girls in the community who gave birth. This lesson is taught to know the causes of early pregnancy so as to prevent it like the saying goes prevention is better than cure. Lorna also introduced HIV/AIDS topic. Overview On reaching the village, she found the chairs at the meeting place but no one except the owner of the home we sit. After a while of waiting the community members came in slowly. The meeting was opened by the chairman elder persons and then a prayer was said and Lorna took over. Previously the attendance was not very good and therefore we decided that we would continue with the lesson today. On the topic of early pregnancy, Ndabe mentioned that girls and women are generally wooed everyday of their life be it married or teenagers. Therefore the only way to prevent our girls getting pregnant while underage is to care for their needs for example, clothes, underwear , smearing Vaseline. He said some parents give their children cooking oil while others tell them to use soap as Vaseline but when they go out there different agemates talk of different staff which they also admire hence falling victim. Swaibu mentioned another cause is parents not wanting to talk to their children.In response to this another lady mentioned that some children don’t listen even when you advice them. Lorna added that perhaps it is because they talk to them late and rudely. She encouraged them to befriend their children at an early age and also monitor their growth because the conversation changes with age. On the dangers we looked at HIV /AIDS, domestic violence, poverty , premature babies , poor feeding, among others. Lorna advised parents to give their children that gave birth a second chance and also arrest culprits. On how to help these teenage mothers, Lorna mentioned unfortunately Kibo does not have a special program for these mothers but can only advise them. She mentioned that first thing is these children have gone through enough emotional trauma by themselves and the parents need to forgive them , counsel them and send them back to school. She mentioned at the sub county there should be programs to help our children. Moses said however , they left this to their councilors to help them but Lorna encouraged them to go and find out. Also parents who are skilled can bring these girls and boys together and teach them some skills. After this, Lorna introduced the HIV/AIDS topic where she started by asking the community if Hiv/AIDS is a problem in the community and they said yes. She told them we were going to look at facts and myths and the history of Hiv/ AIDS in Uganda. Lorna went ahead and asked the community members who can tell us how this virus came into Uganda. Mzee said that for him he believes it’s the soldiers from Tanzania that brought HIV into this country because they went in sleeping around and not using protection. Another man said it’s the bazungu that brought HIV to this country. Eunice said they just heard people dying and didn’t know how it got here. Lorna then gave them a brief history of how HIV got in the country that it started from Kagezi fishing area in the 1970s where the locals were sleeping around with each other and Mzee was also right because it is also believed that the spread of a HIV was a lot during the war when Tanzanian soldiers crossed to Uganda. Lorna asked them from back then until today is there a difference . They said yes and they mentioned people died a lot back then then now. Lorna said it’s true because now we at least know how to deal with the situation although it does not mean that people are not getting infected still. We also looked at some of the myths and facts concerning HIV/AIDS like; myths like Hiv has a cure, Virgins can cure HIV, HIV is not there in my village, HIV is only for only the Promiscuous , HIV AIDS has no cure , it affects all people young and old, there treatments available even though there is no cure, HIV is not only for the promiscuous. Conclusion The lesson went well , Lorna thanked the community members for coming for the meeting and left them with home work on HIV transmission and prevention. The women will be discussing transmission while the men prevention. . 
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2021-03-19 - Purpose: Lorna will be teaching on HIV/AIDS transmission and Prevention
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