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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2021-03-15

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Life Skills Education and Counseling non-teaching lesson

Life Skills Education and Counseling 
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home visit 
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Introduction Lorna went to this village to teach on Menstrual hygiene and management. This lesson is taught to encourage parents to help their children during this time to understand their bodies and also provide for them sanitary towels and facilities. Overview Lorna went to Naibowa to continue with the previous lesson Personal hygiene however teaching menstrual hygiene and management. However when she reached she was met with a few community members who mentioned to her that at the School there was a meeting with the parents of primary six and seven and therefore the parents were going to attend. Lorna asked why they did not tell her in time but they mentioned it was abrupt. Lorna then asked the community members if the girl they reported to her in the previous lesson was at home and they said yes. Lorna asked 2 committee members to take her to this home so she can have a talk with a Mukyala. Mukyala is 15 years old and the second last born of 7 siblings. Mukyalas mother has however been going through battles with her daughter about going to school. Mukyala however has lost interest in school and no longer wants to study. On reaching Mukyalas home, she was cooking some food and we asked to talk to her. Unfortunately Mukyalas mother was not there as she had gone to burial. Mukyala welcomed us and Lorna introduced herself and we mentioned that we were doing a home to home visit just talking to parents and their children on Values of Education. We did this so she could not run away for fear as she has been doing with the chairman and everyone. Lorna then begun to talk to Mukyala about why she was not at school today and she said because no one is at home . Lorna asked her best subjects and she said maths and English and when Lorna asked her what she wants to become in future and she said an accountant . Lorna asked her how does one become an accountant and she kept quiet . One could tell she is shy and lost. We talked about the importance of education and it’s values towards those around us. Lorna mentioned to her that education is light and when one is educated it opens so many doors that one who has not studied cannot get. Lorna told her when she continues her education there is value added to her because the world out there needs value. The joy that a mother gets when her daughter is educated is exceptional because in some way they are confident that one is going to get them out of their situation and knows that they will be helped. Lorna then asked to be alone with Mukyala because it seemed she was uncomfortable. When they were just two Lorna asked a Mukyala where does she see herself 5 years from now but after a long thought she did not have an answer. Lorna told us that what we want is sometimes hard to reach due to hardships but because of that which we want to become, we endure and that education. Lorna told her to avoid boys , men and those things that will deter her from her path and success in life. Conclusion Mukyala was very emotional and was silent the whole time. What Lorna got from this is she is a kind of person that needs to be talked to often and taken at a slow pace. She needs to find herself . Lorna asked her to think about everything they talked about and she will follow up with her next week. Lorna thanked Mukyala for her time and listening to her. 
Next Visit
2021-03-17 - Purpose: Lorna will continue with the lesson personal hygiene teaching on menstual hygiene and management.
Program Success
Program Critical Needs
Menstrual hygiene and management
Program Ownership
Active committee
Other Program Observations
The borehole is functioning well. The village also picked a day on its own to build stoves
Program Expected Of Village
Mobilise themselves for the next meeting.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Mobilise themselves

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17430 The few community members that met Lorna at the meeting place
17433 Lorna also went to this home where she met Mukyala a Primary seven girl who in the previous meeting the chairman reported to Lorna that she doesn’t want to go to school. Lorna paid a visit to have a talk with her.