Mvule Community Development - Kitukiro

Visit by Abraham Mulongo on 2021-03-12

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2021-03-13 08:53:31 UTC
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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Abraham met the chairperson of the group Mss Base and paid a visit to her home because she lost the husband last week. The husband was not living together with her but he got sick from another village where the chairperson was taking of him unfortunately he died of the long illness. Abraham paid condolences to he from Kibo because she knows most of Kibo workers and told her that he came to meet them and discuss what they can do together as a group which can keep the group United. She said that they met and discussed about the issues but members are having many thoughts about the issues and some think of contributing money for about six month and divide up so that each can do something or buy something. Abraham given her the idea of Kivule group who came who contributed money and bought a pig and a pig now has six piglets. They discussed how to divide up the labor because when the pig was one it was easy to take care of but when they became seven there was an issue of not one person taking care of them. They discussed and got some members who are now also taking care of the piglets and their goal is to make sure everyone is doing something in their homes. Concerning of many things to do they have to get one thing they know they can do it well so that they can do research about it. They are going to mobilize for the next meeting 
Next Visit
2021-03-19 - Purpose: To continue discussing with the community what they can do together and come up with one thing whereby they will do research on it
Program Success
They divided up into two groups because of coronavirus and all save differently but within one group
Program Critical Needs
To get their certificate from the district
Program Ownership
They are encouraging more people to join the group
Other Program Observations
They are building new dish racks
Program Expected Of Village
To go and check their certificate if it is ready
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To call the chairperson for the update of their certificate

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17613 Abraham met the chairperson of Kitukiro Kibo group Mss Base and he got the news that she lost her husband this week. Last week the secretary Mr Tofa lost his father and now also this week the chairperson lost the husband, he left her and she has been living with her children but sometimes they could meet and discuss how they can live together again. Abraham payed condolences for the loss of her husband and she told him that they met and discussed what they can do together as they shared last week and they came up with the idea of saving and divide up the money they have saved in six months so that they can do anything like business or buy a pig or goat. Abraham asked them if all members know about what is going on and they said that they are just working with those members who want to save. He told them to make sure everyone in the group is involved in this program because at first the former secretary wanted that they save every week five thousand shillings which was hard for some members who could not afford five thousand shillings every week and now at least those other members need to be heard what they say about saving like two thousand shillings or one thousand shillings a week. Then that will give them chance to be a part of the group. The chairperson Mss Base said that that is a good idea to be brought in the all group so that they can agree to disagree and whatever they will come up with they will work with that. They are going to mobilize so that they come up with a certain amount which they can afford to save as a group together.