Healthy and Safe Kitchens - Kazimba Kungira

Visit by Harriet Kefeza on 2021-03-17

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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Harriet went to Kazimba kungira village to introduce the Healthy and and safe kitchens program to the community. As soon as she reached in the village,participants she started coming for the meeting. Later after a few minutes the meeting begun with an open prayer that was led by Ms. kwagala Grace who thanked the lord for providing journey mercies to the kibo staff to enable them come to their village. The Chairperson LC1 thanked every one who had turned up for the meeting and asked every one to pay attention and listen to what kibo had brought to their village. He added that the local council 1 committee had a meeting with kibo who had introduced to them the Healthy and safe kitchen Program to them and they felt it was good idea and therefore requested kibo to come and meet them so that they are able to hear from them( receive first hand information). Kibo staff begun by asking the participants to discuss the challenges they go through as they cook food on open flames. Participants stressed the following challenges.too much smoke in the kitchens which is produced by the traditional three stones fire, long hours spent in the bush as they search for firewood which are times force men to conflict with their wives thinking that they have been meeting other men in bush,fire accidents caused by un stable traditional three stones fire. Participants also told kibo staff that due to unfavorable environment in the kitchens men do not help their wives to cook food. They leave every thing for their and put them on pressure to cook food first. Due to pressure the women at times serve their husbands uncooked food which causes family conflicts. Kibo staff told them that the healthy and safe kitchen program would help them to address those issues. This is because the program empowers the community with knowledge and skills that enable them to build fuel efficient stoves which saves firewood, eliminate smoke from the kitchen, cooks food first as well as attract men to cook with their wives. The program also teaches about smearing of the home facilities to enable them look nice and last longer, fire wood construction to avoid the women to be fire stressed during the rainy season. The participants were very happy for the program and said that this program would help them to address such issues. Interesting some participants were already asking kibo to begin with their homes. Kibo staff told them to be patient because the program takes a series of lessons. After the meeting kibo staff looked at some homes to see whether they meet standards , some participants had kitchens which needed to be smeared before they start building stoves. 
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2021-03-22 - Purpose: To guide participants to form leaders that will govern the healthy and safe kitchen program.
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17475 Kazimba kungira. Kibo staff listening to the participants as they explain the challenges they face as they cook on open flames.
17478 Kazimba kungira. During the home visit Harriet found this child sweeping the latrine this shows that even children know the importance cleaning the home facilities.
17481 Kazimba kungira. A kibo staff explaining to the participants how a quality kitchen should look like.