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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2021-03-17

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

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Personal Hygiene,Menstrual Hygiene 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the community members know what good personal hygiene is . By the end of the lesson community members know what good menstrual hygiene and management is and how they can be involved.
Introduction Lorna went to Naibowa primary to continue with the topic personal hygiene however this time looking at Menstrual hygiene and management. Menstruation as many people in the community would love to say its a curse from God is not necessary the case as with many other myths associated. This lesson is to encourage the community members especially the women and girls to embrace this period as a blessing from God and a period not to be ashamed. Overview When Lorna arrived the village, she was met with a certain Lubaale who told her that the meeting place has changed. He took them to the new meeting place. Here she found when they were building a stove. The chairman stoves program Juliet asked that they complete building this first stove and thereafter attend the meeting before building the next stove. They were set to build 2 stoves. Lorna joined them as they danced, sung, ululated before moving on to the next home home where they were going to build the next stove as well as meet. When the stove was done, they moved to the other home. Here they still sung a song welcoming Lorna as they sat down for the meeting. The meeting was opened by Juliet and then a prayer by pastor Lubaale before Lorna took over the meeting. Lorna started by greeting the community members and she later asked how many people attended the previous meeting and most of them put up their hand. For the sake of those who were not there,Lorna picked on 2 representatives to come and teach the rest of the community members. They gave a good recap of what we talked about previously as the other community members asked them questions. It was a good experience as at first they were shy but got bolder as they went. Lorna asked that they clap for them. After this Lorna briefly taught on Oral hygiene where she asked the members the importance of brushing among which were; to avoid tooth decay, to avoid spending money at the dentist , to be presentable, have confidence while amongst people. Lorna then asked how many times should one brush and some said 2 , 3 even 5 times which according to Islam is the right way. Lorna mentioned at what times and they mentioned Morning, afternoon and evening. Lorna mentioned that it’s true the recommended time is 3 times. Lorna then called on 4 representatives whom she gave tooth brushes to demonstrate to the rest of the members how they brush. She then asked the community to judge who brushed well and why. Thereafter a Lorna got to demonstrate to them as well. Lorna mentioned that she knows some people don’t have toooth brushes and it’s okay and that she is not teaching this lesson insinuating that they don’t brush but to remind ourselves the importance of brushing. She also asked them to change the brushes regularly and ensure they wash well and boy share them. Lorna encouraged them to brush together with their children as well. After that Lorna looked at menstrual hygiene and as usual the community members are uncomfortable when it comes to this topic. Lorna however mentioned that however uncomfortable is, it is a very delicate issue that is affecting many women and young girls today. For something to be dealt with , it should be brought out to the light and dealt with. Lorna then asked what menstruated hygiene is and the women gave her an answer. She went ahead and asked if men should be involved in this period and the women said yes while the men were abit uncomfortable. Lubaale mentioned that yes they should be involved because it is their responsibility to provide the sanitary towels for their children. Another man said it was the women’s responsibility. Lorna then asked what do they use during this time. Juliet said they buy pads for their children and so were others response. However one man said madam” they are lying they use rugs, old pieces of clothes. Lorna thanked them for their responses and mentioned it is very important that men are involved during this time . They need to be emotionally involved, they also need to buy sanitary towels, soap, buy knickers and build the necessary facilities like showers, latrines for their wives and girl children. They also need to talk to both their boy and girl children that this is a normal time for every female and learn how the boys can support the girls in this time rather than laugh. We also looked signs prior menstruation like headache, backache, stomachache , mood swings, cravings among others and cramp management. We also looked at how important it is for one to be hygienically clean during this period and why. Lorna added that it’s important that they mention to the girls that one in this period they can easily conceive. Lorna went ahead and showed them the different samples of sanitary towels and how they can easily sew them so their children don’t miss out on school due to lack of sanitary towels. Conclusion Lorna urged the parents to be more supportive to the girls during this period and also encouraged the men to also come up and not be shy about it so that the women and girls can reach their full potential without feeling sad . She asked parents to always sit with their children and prepare them for this time so they don’t get surprised when it happens and start fearing themselves or think something is wrong with them. 
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2021-03-29 - Purpose: Lorna will be teaching on the values of Education
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The community is building stoves on their own
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17553 Lorna started by continuing with previous lesson on Oral hygiene before moving onto the next topic of the day
17556 The Four representatives were demonstrating how they brush their teeth before Lorna showed them the right way to brush
17559 Lorna while teaching on menstryal hygiene and management