Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Butabira

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2021-03-19

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Water Community Meeting

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Drilling in Butabira village started well on Friday 19/03/2021. The drillers managed to drill up 36M on the first day. However there were many challenges like the mud collapsing into the hole during drilling process. This made the work very hard as it kept holding the augers and the casings into the bottom of the hole. First water fracture was got at 15M and continued to drill down facing a lot of challenges with the soft soils collapsing into the hole. It was very hard to tap the water because of the mud that was collapsing at all times during drilling. They continued to drill the following day on 20/03/2021 and went up to 51M deep. Still there continued a challenge of the soil collapsing because of the bad formation. This made it very hard to install in this hole even though they had gotten water in this hole. It was very hard to tap it even after trying very hard on 21/03/2021. Three days of hard work but yielded nothing out of it having spent a lot of fuel. A decision was reached and decided to relocate to a new point and back filled the hole that failed. There is still hope that water will be got in this village having relocated to a new point slightly away from the old hole. 
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2021-03-22 - Purpose: Continue drilling supervision in Butabira village
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The village is very tricky to get water because of the bad soil formation.
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The village leaders and the water user committee has remained active and working together
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Report Photos

17634 First day of borehole drilling in Butabira village
17637 A lot of mud seen during the drilling process in Butabira. This is because of hole collapsing because of soft soils.
17640 Very bad soil formation showing a lot of mud being blown out. The hole has got water but it’s a lot of challenges to tap
17643 Many community members from Butabira started to get worried having waited for so long without seeing water.
17646 Many people from the village waited patiently to see water but it was with a lot of challenges because of the bad soil formation.