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Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2021-03-19

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Health Education Lesson

Health Education 
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Irene went to maliga village to teach about alcohol and drug abuse. The meeting started with a remark from the chairman who thanked the members for their continuous participation in the health lessons, and for the great improvement in their health and health service up take because the Government has tried to extend services to the community members. The chairman also thanked kibo for their continued support towards the development of their village and empowering them with knowledge in all aspects as regards their health and families. He then invited Irene to say a word to the members. Irene thanked the community members for their warm welcome each time she has been in their village and for the continued support and participation in the health lessons. She then made a recap of the previous lessons and then informed the members that they were going to cover their last lesson as for the health education program. She then asked the members for the meaning of alcohol and drugs, mentioning the signs and symptoms, short term effects,long term effects, and how to prevent alcoholism and drug abuse. Mentioning the signs of alcohol and drug abuse, the community members the signs of alcohol and drug abuse as neglect of personal/family responsibilities,declining in academic or professional performance,Depression, conflicts with family members, failing stop drinking,Needing increasing amounts of alcohol to feel its effects among others. The members also discussed the short term effects of alcohol and substance abuse. Irene asked the community members to give the short term effects of alcohol and drug abuse. And in the short term the members discussed, drinking too much can be very dangerous,Nausea.Vomiting,Headaches,Slurred speech,Impaired judgment,Anxiety,Insomnia,Trouble concentrating,Memory loss,Problems breathing,Coma,Death,Mentioning the long term effects of alcohol and drug abuse,the members discussed ,Risk of significant personal harm is increased with chronic alcoholism,Mouth, esophageal, throat, liver cancer and prevention including tribal, local, and territorial implementation and enforcement of alcohol control policies. Create environments that empower young people not to drink or use other drugs. Identify alcohol and other drug abuse disorders early and provide brief intervention, referral and treatment,deal with peer pressure and life pressure seek help for mental illness,examine the risk factors,keep a well balanced life. With all that discussed Irene encouraged the members to keep visiting the health facilities for more help as regards health and family issues. 
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Health Education 
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2022-06-15 - Purpose: Check on the health education lessons taught, mothers and their children.
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Regarding the pregnant women Irene has been following up, majority have given birth from the hospital with one giving birth to twins.
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To pass on the knowledge got from the health education lessons to other community members.
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Make calls to the village following up on the health education practice among the community members.

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17700 Maliga village: Members of maliga village during the last health education lesson in their village.