Community Empowerment - Bukhudumira

Visit by Daina Akurut on 2021-03-22

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2021-03-23 08:52:26 UTC
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11:00-05:10 (-6 h 10 m)
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Community Empowerment Lessons

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Ida Bazonona,Akurut Diana 
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Health lesson 14: Domestic Violence 
Ida and Diana went to Bukudhumira to teach Harmon and unity in marriage. The community and chairperson welcomed us. We thanked them for their warm welcome. Ida took them through a recap of trust in God, they actively remembered what was taught to them. Diana and Ida clapped for the community. Ida introduced the topic harmony and unity in marriage, she asked them what they understand by Harmony and unity, Sarah responded that, it is when a man and woman come together and get married, Juma said that, it is when a man and woman come together and produce children, the community laughed and clapped their hands. Ida thanked them for their brilliant answers. She asked them what they do in order to maintain Harmon and unity in their marriage, mukyala Mose as she is known by the community answered that, she respects her husband by giving him her ear, that is, listening to him, Anna said that, her husband loves to be treated like a baby, this caused laughter in the group. Diana took them through practices of oneness in marriage, which include, worshipping together, walking together, cooking together, which caused a lot of laughter Saying their men can’t help them cook, I told them sharing responsibilities is normal and it encourages unity in marriage. , exercising patience, seeking wise counsel from the experienced people, having empathy, avoid pointing fingers to mention but a few. Diana explained these points to them. They responded that they would love to see their husbands attend these lessons and they will make sure in the next meeting they attend., because these lessons apply to their day today life.We thanked them for their commitment. Ida concluded by encouraging them to be hard working and help one another in maintaining harmony and unity in marriage. She told them that they should not be selfish with their money, most especially men who remove their money in the latrine, one day that wallet will fall into the latrine and money will be lost. The whole group laughed as they clapped their hands saying that their men will learn a good lesson. Ida encouraged the couple to be transparent to one another. 
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2021-03-29 - Purpose: To teach about communication skills and conflict Resolution in harmony and unity in marriage.
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The community actively answers questions connected to community empowerment
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Hand washing programs are doing well
Program Expected Of Village
The village needs to come in big numbers, put on masks and keep time
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The staff needs to prepare lessons before going to the village

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17706 Ida taking the community through a recap and introducing harmony and unity in marriage in Bukudhumira village
17709 Diana teaching harmony and unity in marriage.