Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Mpumiro

Visit by Tom Ngobi on 2021-03-20

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Tom Ngobi
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2021-03-24 05:39:50 UTC
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09:00-18:40 (9 h 40 m)
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14:50-16:00 (1 h 10 m)
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8 h 30 m

Water Community Meeting

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surveying,land agreement 
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Tom Ngobi 
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Mpumiro - Mpumiro 
Tom made a visit to Mpumiro village to meet with the village residents and the land owner to discuss and encourage the land owner to give up a small portion of her land for the drilling of the borehole. But before he went to Mpumiro, he first made a visit to bitabira village to check on the drilling of the borehole taking place. When he arrived in the village, he found when the drillers were still trying to clear the hole of the mud that was blocking the hole. After the clearing of the hole, they tried to blow the hole to clear the mud. But as they tried to do so, a hydraulic pipe burst and spilled most of the hydraulic. This had to put the entire operation to a halt because they had to send for a new pipe from Kampala. Tom left Butabira for Mpumiro. When he arrived in the village of Mpumiro, he found when the village members were waiting at the meeting place. The meeting was started immediately. The parish councilor of Mpumiro parish was present and he chaired the meeting. He discouraged residents from accusing each other but only asked them together to find a plan on how to convince the land owner. The husband to the lady who owns the land mentioned that his wife has no problem with the borehole going to be drilled and he dismissed accusations about him that he does not want the borehole to be drilled in Mpumiro village. He pointed to the fact that he himself carries water on his head from the swamp and therefore it makes it one of the people who desperately want the borehole in the village. He said his wife requested to meet with the water user committee which is yet to meet with her. The challenge was that the lady was not able to be in the meeting because she failed to travel due to rain. The councilor of the parish also asked residents to be more respectful to the woman even though they have family conflicts in the village. He said that such issues should not come in the way of such a blessing of clean water. Tom requested the son to the woman to speak because the proposed land is his land but his mother manages it for him as he is still below adult age of 18. Tom requested and encouraged him to share his view because he is a boy of 17 and he can express himself. The boy said he has no problem with the borehole being drilled but expressed his concerns if people will not misuse his only small land beyond what he will have given to the village. He said he will have to put up some rules and they would have to be enforced. Tom thanked him for his opinion and suggestions and encouraged the community to be respectful. Tom and the councilor requested the committee members to meet with the woman and work out the details before the drilling can take place. Th councilor and Tom encouraged residents to refrain from conflicts but rather work for unity and that this borehole should not divide them but unite them. Tom left for Jinja. 
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2021-03-24 - Purpose: Meet with village residents and government officials to discuss about the land and start drilling
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17787 The drillers trying to clear mud from the hole being drilled for a borehole
17790 The amount of mud they had pumped out of the hole during the drilling
17793 Tom meeting with the village residents of Mpumiro village to sort out the land dispute for the borehole site
17796 Tom and the village residents of Mpumiro discussing the land issues