Healthy and Safe Kitchens - Ndalike

Visit by Tape Bwana on 2021-03-24

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adjustements,follow up stove building 
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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Tape went to Ndalike village to continue guiding participants as they build stoves on their own. She reached in the village and found when participants had just finished stamping the dirt for the first stove and were now busy stamping the dirt that will be used to build the second stove. This was very encouraging and showing that the community is united and had reconciled from the conflict that had occurred during the previous meeting where some women quarreled when they were trying to mix and stamp the dirt before Kibo reached in their village. It was very nice this time to find them busy working together while singing songs of success and teamwork in their village. Tape thanked them for having stamped the dirt that will be used to build stoves and this was a sign of showing that they love one another, love the program, committed to work and this will help them acquire a skill of building stoves because practice makes perfect. Tape told them that , she was going to guide them as they build stoves on their own there fore she asked them to be cooperative in order to achieve good results. She added that since the two homes are opposite one another it will be easy to move from one home to another as she guides them back and forth. Tape asked the participants to try to measure banana stems for building stoves and it was successfully done. She asked the participants to divide themselves into two groups in order to give every one chance to participate. She asked the participants to lay the foundation where the two stoves were to be built and this was successfully done. She then asked the two different groups to put banana stems that will be used to create different holes on the stove. Unfortunately all the groups couldn’t do it perfectly that is one group had put the banana stem that would be used to create a hole where firewood would be fixed on the small saucepan instead of putting it on the big sauce pan. This would affect the flow of fire . It would be hard for fire to flow from the small saucepan to the big saucepan thus affecting its effectiveness. Also the second group forgot to put a banana stem that would create a vent for smoke and this would let the smoke remain in the kitchen thus affecting its effectiveness. Tape corrected their mistakes and asked them to always look at the complete stoves when ever they are building stoves for guidance. At the end two stoves were successfully built and the participants thanked Kibo for empowering them with a skill of building stoves, being patient with them despite the many mistakes they have always made. They also requested Kibo to make frequent trips in their village to guide them as they build stoves on their own because they want to finish the program activities before the rainy season begins so that they can concentrate on their gardens. Tape also told them to try to build a stove on their own on Friday 26/3/2021 before Kibo staff reaches in their village and in case it is not properly done she will help them fix the problem. The participants promised to continue working together until they master a skill. 
Next Visit
2021-03-26 - Purpose: Continue guiding participants as they build stoves on their own focusing on removing banana stems. Also to follow up with stove usage especially those ones which were built earlier.
Program Success
Most participants have smeared their home facilities .
Program Critical Needs
Encouraging building stoves for the remaining participants.
Program Ownership
Some participants with dry stoves have started cooking on them.
Other Program Observations
Sanitation and hygiene standards have been maintained.
Program Expected Of Village
Mobilize each other to participate in the healthy and safe kitchen program.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Prepare the next lesson.

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17841 Ndalike village. These women were busy stamping the dirt for the second stove the dirt for the first stove was complete.
17844 Ndalike village. Tape a Kibo staff showing the participants how best to fix the banana stems as they build stoves.
17847 Ndalike village. Tape a Kibo staff guiding participants how to measure banana stems that will be used to build stoves.