Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Butabira

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2021-03-24

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2021-03-25 09:45:02 UTC
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Water Community Meeting

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Walyomu Alex 
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Alex went back to Butabira village to supervise the last day of borehole drilling, making sure the water has cleared after blowing and guide the community through the signing of the land agreement where the borehole was drilled. The second hole was successful and the drillers managed to drill up to 54M deep. On March/ 23/2021, the drillers completed drilling and installed the permanent casings into the hole then on March/24/2021, the team conducted blowing of the water making sure it cleared well and also measured the drilling yield and was 7600Litres per hour. The water cleared very fast in just 30 minutes of blowing and all the people were very happy, danced and sung songs praising kibo group for the love shown to them. They couldn’t hold their excitement and danced under the water that was being pumped to clear. There were two old women who thanked Alex and kibo very much and took showers under the rig while blowing the water. Getting water in Butabira was a very big challenge having failed to get water from the first hole because of bad soil formation. The second hole was becoming a challenge but the drillers managed to seal the collapse this time round before it was late. Many of the people had lost hope but retained it at the end whe they saw water drilled at the second hole. There were many praises from all the people in the village thanking God for the help to get water in their village and appreciated kibo group for not giving up on them. When the first hole failed, many people in the village thought it was going to be the end but were surprised to see starting to drill in a new place again located 6M from the failed hole. It turned out very successful and the village was very happy and appreciated kibo group for being a very special organization with real love to people. The next step to follow soon is to install the borehole and casting before the community can start to use this new well. 
Next Visit
2021-03-31 - Purpose: To have a meeting with all village residents and prepare for the next steps in borehole construction.
Program Success
The drilling was later successful after two attempts made. One hole failed and the second one was successful after almost three days
Program Critical Needs
Program Ownership
The water user committee played a key role to ensure that all village residents participate in the process of drilling that took 7 days.
Other Program Observations
Program Expected Of Village
The water user committee continue working together until the completion of the new borehole under construction
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To go back for a meeting with the village residents and prepare for the next step of borehole test pumping and installation

Report Photos

17850 Alex W happy and dancing with some old women from Butabira who were very happy for the successful borehole drilling. It was a party in Butabira when water was got!
17853 Blowing of the water in Butabira village after successful drilling. This borehole will have a capacity to produce more than 7000L/ HR.
17856 Many women in Butabira couldn’t wait until installation of the well to get water and test. They fetched using basins to take water home for use.
17880 Alex W also waited patiently to see water during the second hole attempt of drilling.
17883 54M were drilled in Butabira and the water cleared easily after just 30minutes of blowing.
17886 Many of the village residents in Butabira had lost hope after the first hole failed but were extremely happy when water was got at the second hole.
17889 Installation of permanent casings into the hole after successful drilling
17904 Drilling of the second hole in Butabira village was also full of challenges with the soil collapsing into the hole but the drillers did a great job to arrest the collapse and sealed it.