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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2021-03-24

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

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Disease Progression and Positive Behaviour 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the community will know the different stages in which HIV progresses from infection to when one gets AIDS
Introduction Lorna went to Bukhana village to continue in the topic of HIV/AIDS Awareness . Today we looked at Disease progression. The importance of this lesson is the community gets to know the different stages of HIV from infection to when one gets the symptoms of this virus and how it progresses in the body. Overview Lorna arrived earlier than the said meeting time which was agreed at 1pm. Lorna waited until about 1:30 pm when enough quorum had come for the lesson to start. We started with an opening prayer led by Robert and thereafter Lorna took over the meeting. Lorna thanked everyone for coming to the meeting and exchanged greetings . After that a Lorna asked 2 volunteers to remind the community member what it was that we learnt about in the previous meeting. Ndabe wife stood up and reminded the group that we looked at our immune system. She mentioned we did not know that our bodies have antibodies that help us fight diseases. It was such an eye opener. She mentioned the role of the white and red blood cells and even went ahead and explained the Elephant game. Ndabe her husband also stood up and mentioned that we looked at HIV transmission and prevention. After this Lorna made jokes that was it on purpose that Ndabe and his wife were the teachers for this lesson? .the community laughed. She asked them to clap for Ndabe and his wife. After this preview Lorna taught the lesson for the day Disease progression and positive behavior. She started by explaining what disease progression is which is the time of infection with Hiv to the time the person starts to show signs . She mentioned that it takes time for HIV to get to AIDS and that depends on how a person takes care of themselves. Lorna mentioned that there 3 stages ; Window period, Incubation period and Honeymoon period. Window period ; is that time it takes for a persons results to turn up positive. It may take 2-3 weeks or 6 months depending. At this stage the person is very infectious even though the results don’t show hiv positive but the antibodies. Lorna mentioned that this is the period where one goes to the clinic or hospital and they get tested once or twice and when their results come out negative they don’t return to test again and go about living recklessly. Lorna mentioned it may take time because it’s a stud on virus but when ones results are negative there should now be a lifestyle change and if positive they need to start their medication quickly . Incubation period - that time until one begins to show symptoms associated wit( the virus. It can take up to 20 years. At this stage Lorna mentioned that medicine should be taken on time, balanced diet among others. Honeymoon- this is the end of the Window period and the end of the Incubation period. At this stage the body and the virus have become friends, the-virus and the body are living harmoniously. The person also has less chances to transmitting the virus to their loved ones either through sex or breast milk. Lorna mentioned that one can stay at this stage for a very long time if they take care of themselves well. We also looked at those co - factors which make one sick faster and the community mentioned; too much intake of alcohol, a lot of stress, not taking there meds among others. We also looked at Cure and treatment ; where Lorna started by asking does AIDS have a cure?. They said no. Lorna asked whether they have heard of anyone who claims they can cure AIDS . They said on the radios and even in church some people testify of being healed with AIDS. Lorna mentioned that there has not been any discovery of any medicine they cures Aids yet and mentioned that it is true God can heal someone however they don’t have to throw away the medication. The medication treats and yes having faith that a God can heal you. Lorna asked whether the ARVs are available at the health centers and they said yes. We looked at the different treatments available including psychological, social, spiritual and physical treatments in addition to medication. Conclusion Lorna asked if there were any questions or additions but the community members just thanked Lorna for the lessons and said that she should just bring them more knowledge. Lorna thanked them for attending and left for jinja. 
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2021-03-26 - Purpose: Lorna will be teaching on women and HIV AIDS
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