Life Skills Education and Counseling - Bukoma A - Bukhudumira Primary School

Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2021-03-19

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Bukhudumira Primary School 
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Cure or Treatment 
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Learning Objectives
To educate the participants about that there is no cure for AIDS.
Introduction Teaching community members about about cure or treatment is to inform them to stop hearing roomers that there is cure yet no, and also to encourage them that to go and carry out HIV testing and also practice good health that will avoid them from catching the virus. After that she also taught about women and HIV this lesson is aimed at educating community members so that they can know that there so many activities that put women at risk of getting the virus. Overview When Manuela reached the village, she went directly to the meeting place, she did not find any person, she started to move around mobilizing members, since in the previous night it had rained and most of my participants went to plant their crops, as Manuela was moving she would see them in their gardens but tell Manuela that they will come and study. After that, Manuela went back to the meeting place found six people, after some time other people came. Manuela started her lesson by asking the participants about what they learnt previously, some members tried to share their ideas about what they learnt previously, after that Manuela asked the community members that what is the difference between cure and treatment? One person said that cure means complete healing and treatment means incomplete healing. Not only that , another person also said that treatment means taking medication and cure means being vaccinated. Manuela said all answers are good but some are not correct. Cure means that the germs that causes a disease has been completely killed or eliminated from the body and will not return unless a person is infected. Treatment means the use of a drug injection or intervention that can cause the symptoms to become less painful or pronounced or causes them to disappear altogether.after that Manuela asked the participants that what do they think about cure, one said that rich countries have cure and even the white, Manuela asked them who told you that, they said that they had it from people. Manuela wormed to stay away from such people because they will mislead them which is not good. Manuela went on and told that they should go and test and if they negative they should stay away from activities that can lead them to catch the Virus. And if they test positive, they should follow the guidance given to them by the counselor so that they live longer while healthy. Finally, Manuela also introduced another lesson, she asked the participants that why do they say women and HIV, one woman said that because they infect their children while pregnant and while giving birth, another woman also said that because they are the mothers. One man said that because women has long lifespan than the men. Manuela went on and explained to the participants that the reason why they say women and HIV is because women are vulnerable to HIV and need information and skills to protect themselves and their children from infection. Manuela went on and said that both biological and cultural or s factors that put women at higher risk than men are explored. Symptoms of HIV specific to women and women and children are discussed as well as ways to reduce the risk to the these two groups. Manuela said that women some cultural behavior like female genital multination , women or being given chances to decide on their lives, marrying young girls off to old men and among others Finally Manuela told the community members next time to come in large numbers. 
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2021-03-26 - Purpose: To teach about Human Right and the Relationship between STDs and HIV.
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17919 That was also giving his ideas on the risk that women go through.
17922 A man explained the difference between cure and treatment.