Mvule Community Development - Bukhudumira

Visit by Chris Bulolo on 2021-03-23

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Abraham Mulongo,Alex Bamulumbye,Henry Oyier,Chris Bulolo 
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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Henry , Abraham, Alex b and Chris went to bukhudumira to issue out 31 of the 55 goats to the group members, Alex b and Chris have spent almost one and a half years guiding the community members through the processes of planting trees and caring for them, writing their constitution and registering their group to make sure they are known by the government, opening their group bank account and starting their economic activities to sustain their group. Before the group members received goats , Henry thanked the members for loving all the Kibo programs that have worked in their area, this include the WASH team, safe kitchen stoves, life skills program and community empowerment program and finally Mvule program, Henry went on to say that kibo group has enjoyed the relationship between them and the community members of bukhudumira , Henry however encouraged them to take care of the goats and the trees as well , as it is the only way they will benefit from them. When time of giving out goats to the members reached, Abraham , Alex b and Chris first confirmed that all required documents were available , if the 31 goats were available and the 31 members , Abraham confirmed that everything needed to make the function successful was available as he gave the committee members a green light to start distributing the goats, distribution of goats was by members pulling the ends of ropes tied on the goats which were locked in a room, this was done to eliminate members cheating each other and to show transparency. The kino staff distributed different responsibilities amongst themselves, Henry was taking pictures of members with their goats, Alex and Chris were making sure they get signatures from members who received the goats while Abraham was overseeing the whole program. The Kibo staff will go back to bukudhumira village on Tuesday 30/03/2021 to give out the last batch of 24 goats . 
Next Visit
2021-03-30 - Purpose: To give the last batch of goats to the group members.
Program Success
31 group members were able to receive their goats from Kibo
Program Critical Needs
To coordinate with the goats supplier and make sure the last batch of goats is ready by Tuesday
Program Ownership
The members were so excited to receive the goats however they are committed to working together as a group, they plan to buy a maize milling machine.
Other Program Observations
We observed the building of hand washing stands in many homes.
Program Expected Of Village
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To prepare every document needed as we plan to receive the last batch of goats.

Report Photos

17934 Alex b in blue shirt poses with the members of bukhudumira village who received goats from Kibo.
17937 Mr Namugosa Brenda of bukhudumira village in namutumba district is one of the members who received the goats from Kibo, she hopes to get a cow when her goats gives offsprings and be able to pay school fees to her children in future.
17940 Mr Henry Ochieng the Kibo group country director encourages the group members of bukhudumira village before he could officially hand over goats to them.