Mvule Community Development - Kalitumba

Visit by Alex Bamulumbye on 2021-03-26

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Mvule Community Development 
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When Alex B arrived in Kalitumba,he was received by the Lc1 James and Dina the chairperson of stoves in the community.The Lc1 informed AlexB as he was to attend the school meeting and being a leader was supposed to attend it. Alex B and Dina started off meeting community members in their homes. The issue was to inform those that have never attended the MCD program meeting. They were also to invite them for meetings in order to learn together with the rest of the community members. He was telling them the need and importance of planting trees in their community. It is true trees in the community are few and the culture of planting or replacing those that were cut is not practiced. He could tell them the goodness of trees since some were even lacking shades to seat under to protect themselves from sunshine.They were able to go to 12 homes . There after proceeded to the meeting place and most of those attended the meeting. The meeting was opened by prayer that was led by one of the Lc1 leaders known as Beatrice.She thanked those that turned up for the meeting and asked them to work as mobilize to the rest of the community members. She urged that as a community they needed to embrace Kibo group programs.Dina also told the community that the program for planting trees is good and profitable to them in various sectors. She said that trees is one of sources for generating income in their families. Alex B thanked those that gave them a good welcome in their homes.He told the community that during his home to home visit,he found that the community lacks trees and they need to plant them .The type of tree Kibo Group can give out as seedlings to community are mvule and musizi.He told that most people take trees as not a serious investment and yet can earn them more than others .The community should learn how to plant and raise the trees on their piece of land. The community agreed to mobilize other and to see that they benefit from the MCD program. David asked his fellow members in the next meeting most of community members to attend the meeting. 
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2021-04-09 - Purpose: To teach the community the measurement for the holes and how to plant the mvule and musizi trees.
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The community to respond more about the program.
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Promised a better result
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To mobilize themselves for the next meeting.
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To call the chairperson and remind him of my next visit.

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17943 Kalitumba. Alex B was teaching the community the importance of planting trees.