Mvule Community Development - Nawaibete

Visit by Chris Bulolo on 2021-03-24

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Chris Bulolo 
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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Chris went to Nawaibete to meet the community members to guide them as they reorganize, recommit, rebrand and mobilize themselves in order to see that their group drafts its constitution and registers at the sub county, at this stage of mvule curriculum, patience is so essential for success of the program since the constitution is the legal document which should concur with every member of the group so for that case Chris and Alex had to be patient with the residents until they had to agree in a number of issues which included how much every member should contribute, name of the group and other things to be included in the constitution. The day’s plan was to first go to buyange village to conclude the lessons on how to plant trees and introduce a new lesson of digging holes but unfortunately the community lost someone so Chris had to go to nawaibete instead, reaching the village , Chris was able to meet 36 members however the chairman of the village opened the meeting by thanking members for attending the meeting, he went in to introduce the days agenda which was about putting a clarion call to the members to recommit themselves to get together and start planning on how they will work together based a community, all the 36 members agreed to start saving money to help them sustain their group activities, typing their constitution and registering their group as well, the secretary of the group appealed to committed members to start registering their names with her , she said this will help her to know who is interested to working together , at the end of the exercise she had written all the 36 members who had committed themselves to work as a group. The members also agreed to contribute 1700( one thousand seven hundred shillings) to register their group at the sub county however their was much contestation for how much membership fee should , some members suggested it should be 500/=( five hundred shillings) while other members 1000/= ( one thousand shillings) meanwhile the chairperson of the group requested the members to vote for the amount for membership fee and the majority went for 1000 shillings, they gave genuine reasons and said the group is just starting which means they have a lot to buy for the secretary and drafting their constitution as well, Chris promised to bring the sample of the constitution to guide them as they plan to draft their own constitution. Chris will be visiting nawaibete on 31/03/2021 to demonstrate to the community how the constitution looks like because Chris discovered that many members do not know what a constitution looks like so for that reason Chris will be taking the sample of a constitution to the community members and also discuss about a number of articles for example membership, finances, group name and group sustainability. 
Next Visit
2021-04-21 - Purpose: To guide the community members on constitution writing.
Program Success
The community members recommitted themselves to write their constitution and register the group at the sub county.
Program Critical Needs
The need to mobilize the members of Nawaibete to unite and work together.
Program Ownership
This time the members are mobilizing themselves by bringing new members, the number of members who come for meetings has almost doubled.
Other Program Observations
The kibo well broke down and the community members have resorted to walking long distances in search of safe water .
Program Expected Of Village
The community members promised to mobilize each other to contribute money for the registration of their group.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To prepare a sample constitution which Chris will use to demonstrate to the community members how a constitution should look like.

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17952 The secretary of nabituluntu mvule group talks to the members, she encouraged them to start saving some money for registering their group at the sub county.
17955 Nabituluntu village , Chris listens as the chairman at the village ,Mr Balaki talks to the members in the meeting.