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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2021-03-26

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

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HIV/STDs and Mothers 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of this lesson, the community knows and understands what Mother to child transmission is. By the end of the lesson, the community knows why women are more at risk of getting HIV AIDS compared to the men counterparts. By the end of the lesson, the community knows the different signs and symptoms for women and infants different from the male.
Introduction Lorna went here where she taught on HIV / AIDS and women . This lesson is taught so that women get to know what brings them to risk concerning this virus . They are also able to know what is the meaning of mother to child transmission. We also looked at HIV and behavioral change ; what would it require for persons living with HIV to drop their lifestyles for a better healthy positive life. Overview The meeting was opened with a word of prayer and thereafter the chairman addressed the community where he apologized to Lorna and the community for being absent but that is because there so many cases he has to solve in the community explaining his absence. He asked the community to listen carefully and pay attention to what was to be taught and thereafter Lorna took over the meeting. Lorna greeted the community members and started by reviewing the previous lesson which was on Disease progression and positive behavior and cure and treatment. Lorna asked any volunteer to remind the rest of the group what was taught previously. Different people were talking more on cure and treatment but less on Disease progression and so Lorna had to remind them afresh. After that, Lorna introduced the topic of the day Women and HIV /AIDS. Lorna started by asking the community what is the stigma associated with women having Hiv ? . Others said they are promiscuous while others said they are the men who bring them the virus since they don’t like testing their status. Lorna went ahead and asked how about if the woman is HIV positive, does she have a right to a child ? . One man said yes there are various ways that can be done so that she can produce an hiv negative baby. Someone asked how, Lorna explained for this to happen, ones viral load has to be undetectable and also the partner can be put on some drugs as well . Lorna added that at the hospitals and health centers all these are communicated to the couple. Lorna also mentioned that also the baby should be born in the hospitals not at home and encouraged them to always give birth at the hospital. She added that sometimes the baby may be born and test positive but this was because of the mothers antibodies and it would take 18 months to be able to shed them off. The baby is also given some drugs for a specific period. We looked at whether the mother should breastfeed the baby or not and we saw that the mother should breastfeed but for a limited period of 6 months and then mix feed. During this time she should not have sex without condom. We then looked at the different symptoms specific to women and infants like; cervical cancer, recurring abdominal pain, heavy or missing periods, white itchy discharge for women- infants ; stunted growth, enlarged spleen, white spots in the mouth among others. Lorna mentioned that it may not be the case that one is positive but they can go ahead and test if it’s recurring. We then looked at some of the reasons for women being at more risk among which were; biological nature of women having a larger mucous membrane than men, women are easily lured, they have no negotiating skills when it comes to use of condoms, they receive larger amounts of fluids during sex than men, taboos concerning talking about sex. Others like female circumcision , men preferring dry sex bringing about rapturing , women taken as property among others. We also looked at HIV and behavior change whereby Lorna mentioned that in life we have different habits that we have to change or work better at changing those habits. For the case of Persons living with HIV, what are those poor health habits that one needs to let go of to be able to live a positive healthy lifestyle. For example being faithful, having one sexual partner, reduction in alcohol intake, use of condoms, taking medication among others. Conclusion Lorna asked for any questions or additions and one man asked about circumcision whether it prevents one from getting HIV. He asked this secretly as he came to Lorna privately for fear that he would be embarrassed in front of his in laws. Lorna reminded the group that even in laws can get HIV. However mentioned circumcision helps reduce chances of infection especially when it comes to STDs but does not mean that it prevents one from getting HIV. She encouraged those uncircumcised to do so because it helps with health as well as good personal hygiene. Lorna thanked Steven for the question and members for coming. 
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