Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Mpumiro

Visit by Tom Ngobi on 2021-03-24

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Tom Ngobi
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2021-03-30 13:58:22 UTC
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09:45-19:40 (9 h 55 m)
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12:10-17:00 (4 h 50 m)
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Water Community Meeting

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Tom Ngobi 
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LC1,LC3,VHT,Parish Chief,Parish Councillor 
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Mpumiro - Mpumiro 
Tom made a visit to Mpumiro with government official to solve the problem of a community member refusing to allow a borehole to be drilled on her land yet the site is located on her land. Tom passed the sub county and picked up the chief and the lc3. When they arrived at the meeting place, they found when the village members were waiting at the meeting place. The meeting was started by the parish councilor who welcomed very one and raised the issue in the meeting. He urged and encouraged the community members to be united and to forgive each other because he felt that was one of the reasons why the resident was refusing the borehole to be drilled. He also urged respect for one another even though there might me some differences. He requested the woman to allow the borehole to be drilled because it will be a blessing to the whole community and a blessing to her as well. After the LC3 chairman also spoke and mentioned the same and likewise the chief of the Ssub-county. But at the end of all their speeches as well as some from the community members pleading with her to allow a borehole to be drilled on her property, the lady still refused. Tom also spoke about unity and forgiveness as well as encouraging the lady to forgive the community members if they ever wronged her. The lady still refused. At this point the drillers had arrived with their machines. Tom later asked the chief, the lady and her husband to move to the side and hold a short meeting. At this point Tom mentioned to the lady directly that she does not have the right to stop a borehole to be drilled because water is life and a government mandate to provide clean and safe water to everyone and therefore no one has the right to stop it. Tom encouraged the woman to accept willfully the borehole to be drilled but use it as an opportunity to say she has accepted the borehole to be drilled. At this point the lady accepted and came back to the meeting. She said because of the government official and Kibo, she accepts the borehole to be drilled. The village members were so happy and appreciated her greatly for accepting a borehole to be drilled. The machines were moved to the site and the drillers were able to set up their machines and the drilling started. The woman and the rest of the community were happy. 
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2021-03-25 - Purpose: Continue with supervision of the drilling
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Report Photos

17976 The village councilor speaking to the village members and requesting the land owner to allow the borehole be drilled on her property to benefit the village.
17979 Tom addressing the village residents about unity and togetherness. He was urging the land owner and requesting her to allow the borehole be drilled on her land to benefit the village
17982 The sub-county chief addressing the village members and residents emphasizing the importance of unity, togetherness and forgiveness as well as requesting the land owner to allow the borehole be drilled on her property where the site mark was placed
17985 The drillers setting up their machines to start the drilling process
17988 Drilling of Mpumiro borehole taking place