Health Education - Ituba Namalowe

Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2021-03-26

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Health Education Lesson

Health Education 
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Irene went to Ituba Namalowe to introduce her first lesson which is seeking medical services to this village. In this lesson Irene teaches about the different medical services provided,reasons for seeking medical services, reasons for delay in seeking medical services and why community members don’t seek medical care. The meeting started with a word from the VHT who thanked Irene for coming back to their village apologizing for the last time because they called in and counseled the meeting a member had died on the village and he further encouraged the members to organize and moblize other members so as to come for the lessons, he also apologized for the missing members because it was a Friday and since the biggest group on the village are Moslems they had gone for prayers. Irene was then invited to say a word to the members. Irene started by thanking the members who were present, apologized for coming on the day they had not suggested and said she felt it important to come because she had missed out on the appointment which had been counseled, wanted to give remarks on the previous nome visit and to also introduce the lesson as other members will join in on the appointed day. She also further encouraged the members to always pass on the information got to the other members who may not have gotten a chance to come for the lessons. Brain storming, Irene asked the members what they knew about medical services, some of the medical services provided and what is provided when one goes to seek medical services. Hajira said medical services is when one goes to the hospital and is given medicine or gives birth. On addition to that other members also gave their views mentioning some of the services provided in hospitals like, checking blood, urine,stool for infections, scanning,antenatal,postnatal, counseling, among others and some of the reasons for not seeking medical services were also discussed like delays in getting funds, traditional beliefs like use of herbs,family misunderstandings among others including the attitude of health workers that they find in the hospital. The members also added that they have few and distant medical services which makes it hard for them to move especially at night and rainy seasons to the hospitals because the roads are impassable and the modes of transport to be used are poor. The members asked Irene and the local leaders to talk to the people responsible so that medical services are brought close for every one to access them and also to continue sensitizing the community because most members are ignorant about what is provided and where to seek what they need medically. The meeting ended with a word of prayer and Irene promised to get a health official from the district so that they can raise their complaints. 
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Health Education 
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2021-04-14 - Purpose: Irene will be teaching about family planning, the different methods,and types,demonstrating on the different methods and benefits to the mother, children, father and community.
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18021 Ituba Namalowe village: Irene talking to some of the community members about seeking medical services her first lesson in the village.