Community Empowerment - Bulyowa A

Visit by Daina Akurut on 2021-03-26

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Daina Akurut
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2021-03-30 11:31:51 UTC
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2021-03-30 13:23:00 UTC
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11:00-17:45 (6 h 45 m)
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13:10-15:30 (2 h 20 m)
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4 h 25 m

Community Empowerment Lessons

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Ida Bazonona,Akurut Diana 
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Bible Lesson 2: Jesus Lord of everything 
Ida and Diana went to Bulyowa to teach about trust in God( Be real and give God 100%). This time we met the Kibo ambassadors who were happy to meet us. The chairman welcomed us and thanked us for loving them always. Ida and Diana thanked them for being vigilant in the community meetings always. Ida started by asking the ambassadors what they understand by giving God 100%, Sam, said that by giving God our all in all. Ida thanked him for his beautiful answer. She told them, they need to understand that if you want God’s power to flow through all aspects of your family member’s lives, You have to be committed whole heartedly to Him(God), don’t settle for anything less than the best, the best friend in the world is God, like Hannah, she gave God her best by giving Him 100% of her trust. God gives us joy and peace even in our darkest times. Diana added on that, when we give God 100%, we get blessed, favored and our ways become righteous before God. Diana urged them to stay connected to God, because, He is the only one who can bail them from their problems. God wants total commitment and full trust from God. Ida encouraged the Kibo ambassadors never to get tired always, they should teach those who have not attended everything that has been taught to them. They were happy and promised to teach their colleagues everything that has been taught. We left them with the materials and the points of being real and giving God 100%. 
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2021-04-09 - Purpose: To teach about harmony and unity in marriage
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The kitchens are doing well
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The village needs to come in big numbers, keep time and put on masks
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The staff needs to Prepare lessons before going to the village

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18099 Diana and Ida in Bulyowa, teaching the Kibo community empowerment ambassadors about trust in God