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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2021-03-30

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

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Career Guidance 
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Learning Objectives
To know what Education is To know the importance of Education To know why parents need to get involved in their children’s education
Introduction Lorna went to Naibowa to teach on Values of Education ; it’s important that parents and children know the importance of education so that they are able to invest in it knowing that it is a way to a better life. Education is light and knowledge , it is attaining of Skills and being able to put them to use for the betterment of society. This lesson is taught to encourage parents to see value in Education and go ahead and take their children to school. Overview The meeting started with an opening prayer and then Juliet apologized for the low turn up that she was far when she received the communication so the communication was got late and asked Lorna next time it will be better. After that she asked Lorna to go ahead and teach them.On the topic of the day Values of Education, Lorna started by asking what is Education?.Mwase mentioned that it is gaining knowledge and enlightenment on the things one doesn’t know. Lorna then asked for any other answer and they all went with what Mwase said. Lorna then mentioned there two forms of education formal and informal and asked whether anyone can tell us what those mean but no one attempted so Lorna told them and mentioned that informal builds on the formal ,like the saying charity begins at home.Lorna then asked what is the importance of Education? Is it important? . They said yes. Lorna mentioned that question because there are parents who say that for them they did not study but are they not okay. She asked whether some parents don’t say that and they said they are there. She then asked what are some of the reasons or importance of education?. Some of the reasons to learn how to speak english and Lorna agreed because when you can speak english you can be able to communicate with others, get a job , to have a better future, to get a good job, to earn respect in the society, to get good salary, to be independent, to be able to help others by providing their basic needs, develop ones community , one can learn how to read sign posts and Lorna said yes it looks like a small thing but some of us travel a lot and use signposts for direction so it becomes hard when you can’t do that and instead look at trees , buildings , gives exposure among others. Lorna then asked the parents if it was important that they are involved in their children’s education and they said yes. Hajjat said yes it’s very important because if you do so it helps them become serious with their studies. Lubaale mentioned that it helps improve on the children’s performances. He added that it’s important that parents are involved because it encourages them to take school seriously . He mentioned that even though a parent doesn’t know how to read but they can see the crosses and checks and comments like good, bad, see me and know that their child has a weakness in something , they can go ahead and follow up with the teacher. He also added some children say they are going to school but end on the way to school so parents should follow up. Lorna mentioned that they need to review the dates in the children’s book because for every school day, they write dates and this can help them know whether their child goes to school. Lorna also mentioned that it gives more confidence to the child to know that their parent is involved. Lorna added that it also helps the school develop and the teachers gain more confidence in what they are doing because the parents are also involved. The children are more sure of what they want to become in future because the parents are involved. Lorna urged the parents to check their children’s books, attend the parents meetings at school and provide their needs so that they are able to stay in school. She even told them to pack them some breakfast it can be a sweet potato so they keep in school and not perform poorly because of hunger or come back home and start cooking and end up not going back to school. By being involved in the children’s education, they are sure of what their children want to become and go ahead and guide them towards their dream. On the importance of education to the country and Society ; we looked at law abiding citizens. Citizens who know what is right and wrong, reduction in cases of early pregnancies and marriages , educated people know the importance of voting as a right and how it brings about change and economic development . One is able to know the importance of paying taxes. Lubaale added this is true because people don’t understand how the infrastructure they have in the villages is brought about which is through their taxes. One is able to know the importance of conserving natural resources and Lorna gave an example of planting trees, she encouraged them if they cut a tree, they need to plant one. Among others. Conclusion Mwase thanked the members for coming and encouraged the community members to be firm and take very Kibo program seriously . He even gave an example of one of the women in the group who barely would say a thing to anyone in different meetings but he was glad that today she was able to get up and give an answer. He even led the group in a song praising Kibo. He was very proud of being a part of all programs. Another lady also was so grateful for the lesson, she thanked Lorna through Kibo for thinking about them . She was so grateful. Lorna thanked everyone for coming and asked them to tell others that did not come of what they learnt about and then left for Jinja. 
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They are getting ready to plaster their borehole fence, the stoves are being used and they are building.
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18051 Juliet contributing on the topic of the day - values of Education
18054 This was an ice breaker as the community members looked tired. Lorna led them into a song to awaken them abit before they continued with the lesson.