Community Empowerment - Nawandyo B

Visit by Daina Akurut on 2021-03-31

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2021-04-01 07:54:11 UTC
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2021-04-01 09:17:30 UTC
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10:45-18:15 (7 h 30 m)
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12:50-16:10 (3 h 20 m)
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4 h 10 m

Community Empowerment Lessons

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Ida Bazonona,Akurut Diana 
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Bible Lesson 3: The love of God 
Diana and Ida went to Nawandyo B, to continue with the lesson of trust in God. The community was welcoming, they received us warmly. The chairman thanked the community for keeping time and loving the lessons. Ida thanked the community for being good people and not getting tired of community empowerment lessons. She thanked them for keeping time and encouraged them to put on masks, because Covid is real. No one will live there lives for them. Ida, took them through a recap and asked them what they remember in the previous lesson, Kamadi, said that he remembers when we trust in God, we light our lives with God and everything is possible in Him(God). Ida thanked him for being vigilant and giving a correct answer. Diana also thanked the community for their cooperation and allowing Kibo to work with them. Diana asked them, what they do in order to give God 100% Salama, said for her, she prays everyday and also loves others. Diana thanked her for the good answer. Diana told them that in order to be real and give God 100%, we need to be patient and model faith for our families, how to trust and put our confidence in one God who created the heaven and earth. Diana told them the story of Hannah in the book of 1st Samuel, she told them that Hannah was a barren woman and her co wife could laugh at her, Diana related this story to the community most especially how the women who don’t produce in the community, the women said they tell them that they fill the latrines, they eat their husbands’s food without giving them children. Likewise, for Hanna’s case she gave her struggles and trusted in God, God is our best friend in times of trouble, she did look at her husband, we learn to have humility and deep trust in God. God gave her a son who became a prophet. Ida also added that in the story of Hannah, we learn to deal with prideful people, arrogant towards us, eg how she dealt with Penninah, we learn that our God is a peacemaker, he brought peace in Hannah’s life by giving her a son, God gives joy in our lives, he puts a smile on us even in our darkest times. She told them to offer thanks giving to God and pay their vows like Hannah did. The community was so happy for this lesson, they said it re-awakened their trust in God, and they will continue trusting in God. 
Next Visit
2021-04-21 - Purpose: To teach Harmony and unity in marriage
Program Success
Yes, the community was already settled and waiting for the lesson
Program Critical Needs
Program Ownership
The community kept time and was eagerly waiting for the lesson
Other Program Observations
The bore hole is well utilized
Program Expected Of Village
The village needs to come in big numbers, keep time and put on masks.
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The staff needs to prepare lessons.

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18105 Ida demonstrating to the community of Nawandyo B, how some people trust in other things instead of trusting in God.
18111 Diana teaching the community of Nawandyo B how to be real and giving God 100%,case stud Hanna’s story.