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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2021-03-31

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Mpumiro Primary School 
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The Immune System 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the community members will know the importance of the immune system. By the end of the lesson, the community knows how HIV attacks the community system By the end of the lesson, the community can
Introduction Lorna went here to teach on the Immune system and she was also able to teach about HIV transmission. The immune system lesson is taught so as for the community to understand how the body fights diseases and how it’s important to take good care of our immune system and how HIV attacks the immune system. HIV transmission is taught so as the community is aware of what activities can lead to transmitting this virus so as for them to live good healthy lives. Overview Lorna found a few community members at the meeting place and they exchanged greetings . After a while of waiting, we decided to start the meeting. The chairman greeted the members and then said It rained heavily the previous day and many of the people were in their garden busy planting gnuts which explained the low turnup. He mentioned that the rainy months will be challenging for our program and asked Lorna not to give up on them. After this he welcomed Lorna to teach them whatever she had for the day. Lorna greeted the community members and responded to the chairman about the rainy season , where she said that the community knows the day that we meet therefore she urged them to at least do their work quickly and spare time for the life Skills Program. After that they did a preview of the previous lesson on the history of HIV in Uganda and also went ahead and mentioned the facts and myths of HIV/AIDS . Among the myths looked at were HIV mostly affects prostitutes which the community said no they are the most careful, HIV affects only white people and that they have the cure. Kigenya strongly said this is true they are just making business selling ARVs but they have a cure but when Lorna asked the meeting, they said that’s not true. Some truths were; HIV is not segregative it affects both young, old, female, male, white ,black alike, HIV has no cure, Among others . After this lesson Lorna also taught on the immune system where she mentioned that our immune system is the body’s way of fighting diseases. She asked the community how can we keep our immune system strong? . Kigenya mentioned again by exercising, hilda mentioned by eating a balanced diet, Chairman mentioned by eating fruits like mangoes, pineapples, watermelons , Lorna added getting enough rest, taking enough water , among others. She also mentioned it is composed of the white and red blood cells. Lorna went ahead and asked what is red and white in the local language and they mentioned and went ahead and explained what their functions in our body are.The red blood cells carry oxygen in the body and out carbon dioxide while the white blood cells help fight diseases. Lorna explained that the white blood cells is composed of many cells which work in our bodies to fight diseases. Lorna pulled out a chart showing an illustration of the white blood cells and how they fight diseases. Lorna explained the role of the white blood cells like the macrophage big eater whose role is to destroy the antigens and alert the T4 cell which is the captain of the body which then also sends messages to the T8 cells to fight these antigens. When HIV enters the body however it looks for the captain cell because when it does it cannot send messages to the other cells concerning an antigen forcing the Virus to multiply itself weakening the immune system leaving room for other diseases to attack the body which may lead to death. To check whether the community had understood, Lorna asked for a few volunteers and mentioned that they were going to play a game known as the elephant game. Lorna asked for 6 volunteers and another 5 volunteers. One stood in the middle and represented the body while other 5 surrounded the body representing the immune system and the others which acted as the lions which represented the diseases stood around the immune system. On the word go Lorna explained and told them to try attacking the body as the immune systems role is to see the body doesn’t get hurt. Lorna then also asked for other volunteers who were to act as the lions and their role was to attack the body while the immune system defends the body. On the word go, they were to start acting. At first they were so rough that they all overpowered the immune system and we had to do it 3 times for them to understand. After the third time they got it right and here Lorna explained that it doesn’t mean that because the antibodies are protecting the body that one will not get sick , they will get sick and not die but if the immune system is weak, they will die. Lorna then asked the lions to leave and asked one person to be HIV whose role was to attack the immune system especially the captain and we were able to see that as well. After HIv had weakened the immune system, the lions came back which were those other diseases and this time they were able to get through to the body because the amount of the virus was more than the antibodies. After this Lorna asked what killed the person and the said HIV and here Lorna told them that the diseases were able to kill the person why because the immunity was weak. We also looked at HIV transmission whereby, we looked at the four fluids that Transmit HIV. When Lorna asked the community what these liquids were, they mentioned blood, saliva, urine. Lorna however mentioned that there is no HIV is saliva or Urine but it can be transmitted through Blood, breast milk, semen and vaginal fluids. We also looked at for HIV to enter ones body there should be a port of entry that is an opening; a wound, cut, anus, vagina, penis , possibly he mouth.They asked so if there is no wound or cut HIV cannot be transmitted and we said Yes. Lorna then asked what are those ways through which HIV is transmitted ; they mentioned through unprotected sex, through sharing sharp instruments, through blood transfusions where we had an interesting discussion here about whether or not HIV is transmitted through transmission but later we agreed that it is another means of transmission. Also during accidents and Lorna mentioned how and Hilda was able to explain. She however went on and asked how about in washing clothes? And we said no. She still asked how about when they have diarrhorated and the stool has blood?. Lorna then mentioned we use a glove . She said but those gloves are not safe either and Lorna mentioned they are different kind of gloves and are for precautionary use. Lorna also mentioned HIV is not transmitted though cups, water, sweat, plates, basins, hugs, kisses minus blood, wounds involved among others. Conclusion As we were going onto prevention, it threatened to rain and so we will be starting from there in the next meeting. Lorna thanked the community members for coming and reminded them to tell someone about what they learnt about today. They thanked Lorna as well for the lesson. 
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