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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2021-04-07

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Mpumiro Primary School 
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HIV/STDs Prevention,Disease Progression and Positive Behaviour,Cure or Treatment 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, community members know how to keep themselves safe from HIV By the end of the lesson, the community understands what disease progression and positive behavior is.
Introduction Lorna went to a Mpumiro village where she was able to continue with the topic HIV/AIDS Awareness. In today’s lesson we looked at Disease progression and positive behavior. It refers to the stages from when one gets to know they are Positive to where it progresses to AIDS . Overview The meeting started at about 1:30pm with an opening prayer and then a few opening remarks from the chairperson before inviting Lorna to teach them. Lorna started with a preview of the previous lesson which was on HIV transmission and prevention. We were able to remind ourselves of the way HIV is transmitted and the fluids that transmit HIV. One man put up his hand and started mentioning the fluids but among them he mentioned sperms where Lorna was able to correct him that semen. Nussura said then the men need to get rid of the semen first and then have a sexual encounter which made everyone laugh. Lorna mentioned we know that’s impossible but went on further and said that the first fluids from the sexual encounter is where HIV is transmitted. We went on and talked about HIV prevention ; where we looked at condoms as one of the ways to prevent HIV. Here a Lorna posed a question why do people dislike using Condoms?. One woman mentioned that how can one eat potatoes with its peel, another eating candy with its peel. Men mentioned its women when they see you with a condom they begin suspecting you of being promiscuous. One old lady put up her hand and requested that she can leave the meeting because for her she’s too old but the community members retaliated and mentioned the information she can pass in to her children and grandchildren. Another lady mentioned that there were inlaws but still the community told her this is science , a meeting and Hiv does not segregate between inlaws. This part is always uncomfortable and so we had 2 people walk away which is okay some people don’t feel comfortable but in the end they know the importance. Other prevention ways were; remain faithful, Abstain from sex which Lorna encouraged parents to talk to their children about this for them it’s Abstain because there is a time for everything. Get tested and know ones status, have one sexual partner among others. We then looked at Disease progression; Lorna explained what disease progression is as the process it takes for HIV to get to AIDS . She mentioned that there were 3 stages ; Window period, Incubation period and honeymoon period. Lorna explained the Window period as that time or window between getting tested and the results turning up positive. It may take between 2-3 weeks to six months . At this time the test turns positive for antibodies and not the virus. This however is the most dangerous stage and a Lorna advised that at this stage one is very contagious sexually and therefore even when the results turned negative one should live their lives cautiously. The second stage being a Incubation stage; this is that stage it takes for one to develop symptoms related to that of HIV . It can take up to 15, 20 to 30 years . Lorna added why? because one takes care of themselves, takes their medicine in time, eats a balanced diet among others. The third and final stage being the Honeymoon stage; here the virus and the body become friends. The viral load is very low and chances of transmission are less. Chances of passing HIV to ones sexual partner becomes less and also through breastfeeding it becomes minimal. Lorna mentioned that one needs to keep at this stage but if they live their life recklessly they can loose their lives. Conclusion Lorna asked for any questions and additions and one man asked that a friend of his tested negative several times but he says he feels sick and believes he has HIV then why did the results turn out negative?. Lorna said like she said before the HIV virus can hide and reminded him the period that is required for them to routinely test their status. She mentioned maybe the friend was negative and needed to check himself of other diseases. Rather still visit another hospital. Lorna mentioned maybe he is still in the Window period. Lorna encouraged him to tell his friend to live their life cautiously. The chairman thanked Lorna for this lesson together with the community and a closing prayer was mentioned and a Lorna left for Jinja. 
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2021-04-14 - Purpose: Teach on Cure and treatment and women and HIV/AIDS
Program Success
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Discondent couples
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Good participation from women mostly
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They are happy about the boreholes despite previous challenges. The chairman encouraged those that were still lacking some facilities to work on them.
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Come in larger numbers
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Prepare notes for the next meeting and then call the village prior to the meeting day

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18186 Here were were discussing why people dislike using condoms.