Mvule Community Development - Bupaluka

Visit by Chris Bulolo on 2021-03-22

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Chris Bulolo
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2021-04-06 07:57:14 UTC
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Chris Bulolo
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2021-04-08 13:49:22 UTC
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10:02-17:33 (7 h 31 m)
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12:05-15:30 (3 h 25 m)
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4 h 6 m

Mvule Community Development lesson

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Alex Bamulumbye,Chris Bulolo 
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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Alex and Chris went to bupaluka to discuss with members the progress of their income from the garden project as well as guide the community members as they plan to do more activities other than relying on the garden. Alex and chris met 13 members meanwhile the chairperson informed Chris and Alex about the last year’s harvests from their garden , he said the group was able to get 100kgs of soybeans from their one acre of land which they want to reinvest however, the group wants to venture into other things that will help the group earn some income . Among other things they plan to venture into are poultry , rearing and commercial farming. Alex commended the work the group was has done and encouraged them to maintain the spirit of working together The chairman used the opportunity to encourage members to give their opinions regarding the economic activities they plan to carry on. Alex and Chris will be visiting to guide the community members in deciding the group project. 
Next Visit
2021-05-03 - Purpose: Discuss about the project of the group
Program Success
Program Critical Needs
They are ready to receive goats
Program Ownership
Self motivated to start working on their garden
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To start preparing their garden because the rains have started.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To call the leaders to mobilize the group members for the next visit.

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18201 A photo moment of Chris and Alex b engaging the members of bupaluka village.