Life Skills Education and Counseling - Bulyowa A - Bulyowa Primary School

Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2021-04-07

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2021-04-08 12:21:47 UTC
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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Bulyowa Primary School 
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Steps in Making Good Decision,Exchange Stories Role Play 
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Ongyera Manuella 
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Life Skills Teacher 
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Learning Objectives
To educate the participants about the importance of having steps in making good decisions.
Introduction Manuela went to bulyowa village to educate the community members about the importance of decisions making when all the steps are being followed. This lesson is aimed at educating community participants so they can always plan before making their decision. Overview Teaching the community members about decisions making is because it’s an essential skill and the steps in making good decisions helps people to have strategy for all what they want to decide on. When Manuela reached the village, she found few people at the meeting place, she greeted them and together with them they waited for the rest to come. After some times, they came, Manuela told them about their performance and she told them that they have passed though the two questions were not answered properly, but she explained to them how that questions was to be answered. After that, Manuela called for the participants attention because they were excited about their results, Manuela introduced another topic she told them that this session is an introductory to deciding making skills. The exercise invites participants to create one possible framework to explore when making decisions. She even told them that decision making means deciding between what is right and what is wrong because in life all human beings need to have plans so that they can decide rightfully. She even went on and told them that steps in making good decisions helps people to come out with good decisions that dose not bring regrets. After that expiation, Manuela asked the participants questions that why should they make decisions? They said so that they can share with their families, they make decisions because they want to find out what is right and what is wrong, some of them said that they make decisions because they don’t want to be disappointed. After their views, Manuela also added on that when you come out with decisions, you will make decisions because you will have to follow the steps that will guide you during that time, since while making decisions, you will need to consult people, those people will be able to contribute more effectively. Making decisions also helps us to learn from our past mistakes because when one is deciding he or she can think about the past too. Making decisions helps one to share burden with another people than suffering the consequences alone. After that, Manuela asked the community members about the steps used while making good decisions, they suggested, praying, thinking, taking some time out, seeking for advice and among others, Manuela told that all what they have mission are good then she also added some, Manuela said in every plan, we need to consider our families, culture and our religion so that what ever we are doing does not harm our traditional form. She went on and said that, when making decisions, we should accept the consequences of what will happen after taking action, she said that they should listen to advices but should decide on what is right. Manuela also told the participants that they should always follow those steps so that they come up with right decisions for their plans. After that, Manuela introduced another lesson about who is their role model, most of the women said they admire to be like Manuela because, She is educated, working, social, some said they would like to be be like some women in their village due to qualities for example the majority of women said they want to be like margate, they said because she is a hardworking woman, polite , jolly, so respectful and so many good things, Manuela also asked the men, they said that they would like to be like some men in their community bashing on their qualities, they said that they try to copy some of those qualities but they don’t make it. Manuela told them that it’s good to admire but basing on the positive qualities that will help them in feature. She even told to try so that they can change from bad to good as in behavior change. 
Next Visit
2021-04-14 - Purpose: On that day Manuela will teach about life stories.
Program Success
Program Critical Needs
Still the men needs to be encouraged to attend Life Skills program.
Program Ownership
Community members are taking charge of informing another about the next visit class.
Other Program Observations
Taking good care of their stoves.
Program Expected Of Village
They will be working on their life stories.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Manuela will be working on the next lesson to teach.

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18204 Manuela was explaining to the community members about the importance of having good steps in making good decisions for any plans.
18207 That man was explaining to the fellow members how having good steps in making good decisions helped him when he was planning to plant tomatoes, he said though he did not follow all the steps but at least he tried.
18309 That man was appreciating Manuela on the behalf of the other members for the good lesson that they have learnt because it’s going to help them have good decisions for their next plans.
18312 39 managed to attend.