Mvule Community Development - Buyange

Visit by Chris Bulolo on 2021-04-07

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Chris Bulolo 
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Mvule Community Development 
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how to plant 
Chris went to buyange village to review the previous lessons to new members who had just joined and also introduce a new lesson on digging holes and putting manure , Chris met 19 community members who participated in the meeting, these included 10 women and 9 men . The chairperson of the Kibo well Mrs tamwenda farida who has been away for long time chaired the meeting, she thanked Kibo for uniting their community, she said t he unity Kibo brought to their area has become a pillar in the development of the community therefore she requested the members not to take Kibo group for granted but to use this chance while Kibo group is still in their community. Mrs Tamwenda farida thanked the safe kitchen stoves department and the WASH programs for promoting sanitation and giving them clean water in their area , she appealed to the members to work well with Chris and always come to the meetings whenever she calls them. Chris first reviewed the past lessons to the new members who had attended, he reminded them of what mvule program stands for, the importance of planting trees and their benefits and how to plant the trees, Chris picked members to explain to their fellows what they have leant since Chris introduced the program in their community, one of the members Chris picked was . Mr Kirya one of the members in the meeting said he learnt the benefits of planting trees, how to plant trees, the measurements of the holes and distances betweeen the trees and where to plant different species of of trees however he said the most outstanding lesson he learnt was loving his children by giving them the care that they deserve, mr kirya said he learnt this when Mr Henry Ochieng the Kibo group country director illustrated the relationship between trees and the family members using his own children, Henry that day encouraged parents to take care of the trees as they take of their children . Chris then took the members to their gardens and demonstrated to the how to dig the holes and apply manure before they could plant the trees. During the demonstration Chris was making sure members ask questions , Mrs farida asked the use of applying manure , Chris answered by saying manure provide good food nutrients to the tree to grow well. In conclusion Chris appealed to the members to go back home and teach their neighbors how to dig holes and help them dig when required . Chris will be visiting again on 14/04/2021 to review how members participated in digging holes for the trees, Chris will be checking members homes to see whether the holes were dug very well and give advice accordingly. 
Next Visit
2021-04-14 - Purpose: To review how members participated in digging holes for the trees, Chris will be checking members homes to see whether byte holes were dug very well and give advice accordingly .
Program Success
Yes ,the community members have started digging holes to prepare for planting trees.
Program Critical Needs
The tree seedlings need to be ready .
Program Ownership
Full participation of members during meetings and digging holes .
Other Program Observations
I observed the sanitation at the Kibo well is well maintained
Program Expected Of Village
To start digging holes.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To start preparing the tree seedlings.

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18210 Buyange village, namutumba district,Chris demonstrates to buyange community members how to dig a 2*2 ft hole. Chris is preparing the community to plant trees , they dig holes, put manure in them and wait until tree seedlings are brought.
18213 Buyange village, namutumba district, in the photo Chris of Kibo group demonstrates to community members how to apply manure in the holes. The manure helps the tree seedling to grow well.