Community Empowerment - Bulyowa A

Visit by Daina Akurut on 2021-04-09

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2021-04-13 09:15:46 UTC
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11:30-17:35 (6 h 5 m)
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Bible Lesson 4: Loving others 
Diana went to Bulyowa to teach them about Harmony and unity in marriage.Thy we’re happy to receive me. I thanked them for welcoming me. I took them through a recap, asked them what they remember in the lesson trust in God. Mbeiza said that she remembers the story of Hannah, how she trusted in God and He gave her a son who turned out to be a prophet and that was Samuel. She also said that God knows everything we go through, He knows better than we do. Diana thanked her for her brilliant answer. Diana introduced the lesson of the day which was Harmony and unity in marriage, what they understand by unity and harmony. Waiswa said, it is being happy with your wife, Micheal said that it is respecting one another in marriage. Diana thanked everyone for answering beautifully. She told them that unity is when people are together. People need the force of unity to stay together as husband and wife. Practices of oneness include worshiping together, cooking together, digging together and sharing responsibilities, the men and women kept laughing and openly told me that they have not been practicing such things in their community. They said that in their community women are the ones supposed to cook, dig. Dongo said if they help women, the women will not respect them, they will make them(men) cook everyday. This caused a lot of laughter in the group. Diana told them as we trust God, we need also to trust the people that live with us. This will encourage unity and respect in marriage. Diana also added that there are magical words that run the family/ marriage, that is “am sorry and thank you”. The women laughed and saw this as strange in their community. Margret raised her hand and thanked Kibo for bringing such good lessons that are going to transform their community. The whole group stood up and clapped their hands for Diana, Ida and Kibo for loving them. They believe their village is going to be transformed. Men will respect their wives and women also the same. I told them, we(Diana and Ida) will continue teaching these lessons until we see that there is a great change in Bulyowa. They were so happy and they closed with beautiful prayer. The day was beautiful because everyone participated actively. 
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2021-04-16 - Purpose: To continue teaching Harmony and Unity in marriage(Communication skills and conflict resolution).
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The actively answer questions of Community Empowerment
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The Life skills programs are doing well
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The village needs to come in big numbers, keep time and put on masks
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The staff needs to prepare lessons before going to the village

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18282 Diana teaching Harmony and unity in marriage in Bulyowa.
18285 Diana demonstrating how women who can’t kneel sit down and great their husbands with respect
18288 A couple in Bulyowa demonstrating how they welcome themselves when the husband or wife has not been around.