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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2021-04-09

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, community members know that PLWHIV have rights too like others.
Introduction Lorna went to Bukana to continue with the topic HIV/AIDS Awareness. In today’s lesson, we looked at the different human rights that PLWHIV have. Overview We left Jinja late on Friday morning because there was a meeting and this made us reach late in the village. However even when we reached the community, members were still in their gardens. The rainy season is a challenging time in the communities since it affects the communities turnup. Time was running as it was getting late and so we decided to start the meeting. The meeting opened with a word of prayer and after this asked Ndabe took us through the review of the previous lesson. The preview was on Cure and treatment / women and HIV/AIDS .The review was done well and thereafter Lorna was invited to teach them and Lorna greeted the community members and encouraged the community members that even though it’s a rainy season to please make time for the life Skills Program . Lorna then introduced the topic of the day - HIV and Human rights. Lorna started with an ice breaker which was a game where she distributed some salt to a few community members and did not give others. After doing so she asked the community members how they felt especially those that had not received salt and they said bad. Lorna mentioned that if they knew that the salt was for everyone but instead only a few people were given and she related this to HIV and human rights. She asked the community members if Persons living with HIV also have rights and they said yes. They mentioned right to health care, education, housing , shelter, food, employment, freedom of association, freedom of representation among others. Lorna mentioned that we were going to look at 3 points and this is where she concentrated. Marriage and Education and Employment. Lorna mentioned that we all agree that these persons deserve to get married right? , they said yes and Lorna asked them if they were in a relationship and getting married and decide to carry out a test and found out one of them was HIV positive what would they do. They laughed and didn’t know how to respond . John a radio presenter said for sure if it was him he would run away . Moses also agreed he said he would not go ahead with the marriage. The women were just quiet. John however gave an example that in Kampala people with HIV have days they meet and most times couples here get married to each other. He would therefore advice her /him to find someone else of the positive status. It was very interesting with different views. Lorna will teach about discordant couples before new lesson next week. On Education, we saw that everyone has a right to education but there were different examples given. Lorna gave an example in Bukhana Primary school where there was a child with hearing impairment and living with HIV but was being unfairly treated. Others gave examples of teachers isolating children and John advised that sometimes it’s parents to blame because they don’t tell the teachers the status of their children but it would be nice if they did and also for the teachers to know how to handle these children. When it came to employment Lorna asked them if they too have a right to employment and they mentioned yes . Lorna mentioned to them that some jobs require one to give all details pertaining their health status and if they find that one is positive sometimes they may not get hired . Lorna asked isn’t that infringing on the right to employment and they said yes. Ndabe said sometimes they do that because they fear that they will infect others. Lorna mentioned in such cases the employer has the right to explain why they cannot have the job instead of stigmatizing against. One may miss out their best employer because of that. John mentioned he knows of other jobs where they keep their employees health status private and even when they post them to other places, they talk to those people how they should not discriminate against them. We looked at sometimes it’s the fault of the persons living with HIV where they say that they cannot die alone therefore have to infect others . Lorna mentioned that such groups of people are murderers and very bad but also this can stem from how they too were stigmatized against. Conlusion John thanked Lorna through Kibo for these lessons and told the community that they were lucky to have these lessons and urged Lorna not to stop there. Lorna also asked the community members not to stigmatize against PLWHIV and in that way it will help them live their lives freely and positively. Also that everyone has a right and deserves to be happy. 
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2021-04-30 - Purpose: Lorna will be teaching on The relationship between STDs and HIV. She will review the whole topic and finalise with a post test
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